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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bombings in India

On a more serious note what is happening in India is tragic. Please go to Al Strata for his posting on the Crisis and bombings there. I agree with everything he says. To the left that thinks getting political points on a lame ducked President is more important that ourNational Security wake up. First Canada now this. Bin Laden and his crew has seriously screwed up here. India will not take this lying down. Already India is becoming more of a force in that Gulf Region. THis is desperation. FOlks we are at war and it is world wide. Radical Islam(not Islam itself) is at war with us. How much does it take to see that our efforts to back brave Moslems in Iraq and else where that will fight this stuff is not an option. Again Al Strata has tons of links and updates. Pray for the poor souls whose lives were lost today.


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