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Thursday, July 27, 2006

A big Shout Out For A Bloggers Upcoming New Book

I quote and link to the blogger that the mastermind behind Subway Canaries and The Pink Flamingo quite a bit. Well besides exposing koodum that we conservatives and Republicans must battle on a daily basis, she is also a author. She writes on part on the wild west and her specialty is Wyatt Earp.

Today she has some thoughts to say on her new post on Pink Flamingo as well as some other things. I love History. But I am sad to say my knowledge of this part of our American History is shakey at times. I guess being in the South so much is focused on the the Cicil War that it gets consuming. Even though the parents of Pat Garrett that shot Billy the Kisdare buried in our old cemetary in my town. Pretty cool. Anywho she has some thoughts on the Wyatt Earp. She has a upcoming book coming out too. It will be called Travesty. So stay tuned to her blog for details.

Also she hits on a important subject again. Remember this photo.?Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That is Congressman Tancredo receiving his T-Shirt after speaking at the Fair's Tenn chapter's meeting. There are many facets to this immigration debate. Again this isn't really about illegals. The masterminds behind this whole thing want to stop almost all immigration. As they view it, America is Full. Well this is all quite a bit of nonsense and is a very dangerous policy to embark on. Pink Famingo says:

Okay, this is the most perfect example I've ever seen of the rank STUPIDITY of John Tanton, Garrett Hardin, the Pioneer Fund, Numbers USA, Planned Parenthood, and cultural eugenics - or - the chickens (oopse - roosters) are coming home to roost - only there are not enough chickens to go around. Estimates are that China, who used the Pioneer Fund's one child policy is now short some 40 million women. There are no women. India is short at least 5 million. These are the people who have promoted the anti-immigration and population control policies here - in an attempt to stop the Hispanic birth rate. The Pioneer Fund is also the bunch that created the Nuremberg Laws - the Nazi Holocaust. How much more information do you need? These people are the ones promoting all the anti-immigration. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE PROMOTING ANTI-IMMIGRATION. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE PROMOTING ANTI-IMMIGRATION There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Pink Flamingo hits this dead on. These population control people are as crazy as Al Gore. I am trying to locate an article I saw a couple of months ago on this topic. When I find it I will do some extensive commentary on it. There is a population crisis in some parts of the World. But it is not overpopulation, it is quite the opposite. Some people need to start combatting this kookiness.


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