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Friday, July 14, 2006

Best insightful Comment of The Day

Sol:The poor Lebanese...when you're the "condom" between Syria and Israel, you get the muck from both sides, and the pleasure from neither.Sucks to be them.Regards;Bilgeman 07.13.06 -
10:58 am #

Let me state that not every Lebanese is innocent or does not have responsibility in this. It sucks to be Lebanon because often it is hostage to events and powers outside its control, and it sucks to be Israel because Lebanon can't control its borders and is so weak that Israel is put in constant danger. Such as we have seen the past week.

However, as someone that is pro Israel, I shall speak up for the countless people there that are suffering in Lebanon as well as Israel. What we need to do is to promote something that in the end will help both countries and promote peace there. Do they bear some responsibilty. Well I suppose they do, but remember we pulled out of their mighty fast in 83 after the bombing. In fact after that incident we continued on our little vacation from Reality for a number of years as radical Islam kept increasing in power.So as someone told me when you point your finger of blame there are three fingers pointing back.

It is to say the least a very complicated and sad situation for people on both sides.

Again, I can't recommend enough Michael Tottens's blog. He has some great wiriting and pics on Israel and Lebanon His comment section is great. Just look at the entires since April.

Update- Rantings of a Sandmonkey is covering too.


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