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Friday, July 21, 2006

Austin is Expensive and the League of the South

Goodness gracious Austin Texas is expensive. I just bought a pack of cigarettes, a Coke, and a 6 pack and felt like I should take out a loan from the bank. I have to admit though the apartment I am staying at is nice. I can see the Capitol in the distance. Unfortantly , I arrived to late to go to get a feel of the party scene here. I was hoping to get some scoop on the Bush girls but alas you shall be denied. But I must say I did have a Whataburger Cheeseburger(Thats is a Texas thing) and so the night was not a total loss.
The only bad thing is this apartment has a big nice white beautiful cat. It is pretty but its making my eyes water like its a fountain and sneese like every 30 seconds. So perhaps I will put off my huge response to League of the South till tomorrow. But send a email or comment because I expect I won't be getting any sleep because of this wonderful feline. I am contemplating sleeping on the balcony.
Anywho I shall reprint this tomorrow but I shall respond to this post that my friends at the League of the South has sent me. To say the least they are not pleased. I have received quite a few letters today from this organization. Tonight I am going to try to do some searching to see how my several week old entry caught there eye. Anywho, Mr Tomney is quite perturbed at my view of his fine group.
Re: Your blog vilifying the League of the South (LoS)Sir:It is difficult to know where to begin debunking the falsehoods you've written here about the LoS. They are all quite ridiculous, the frightened ravings of an intellectual midget, but allow me to address a few.To begin with, the LoS is neither ‘conservative’ nor ‘Republican’ in the senses that I perceive you ascribing to those terms. Through years of observing their actions, one of the conclusions that we in the LoS have reached is that contemporary ‘conservatives’ never conserve anything except the radical innovations of their supposed leftist rivals, or their own superfluous expansions of those same innovations. Based upon our observing their actions rather than listening to their mindless propaganda, we believe that we have rightly concluded that both major political parties are, in truth, mere factions of a single, socialist, fascist, and tyrannical regime. Both believe in, and are committed to, the perpetuation of a centralised, overbearing, police state-like empire that is aggressive abroad and despotic at home. Therefore, we say, ‘A pox on both of them.’We prefer to think of our organisation as being rooted in traditionalism. We simply want to defend and advance the traditional principles of our great Southern ancestors - States’ Rights, true free trade, low taxes, limited government, sound money, international neutrality, and ordered, Christian liberty. It always amazes me how people like you see these things as, ‘evil’. Silly us, we thought those were the ideals upon which America was founded and built. If your idea of ‘america’ is the current leviathan state under which we all suffer, then is it any wonder why we in the LoS would no longer want to identify ourselves as ‘americans’ or associate with the ‘american empire’? The founding principles of America were, and to us they remain, Southern principles. Thus we are Southrons who desire a free and independent republic based upon those traditional principles.As Southrons, we have not forgotten that it was Republicans who invaded, laid waste to, conquered, and subjugated our once free country - Dixie. It was Republicans who took away our liberty, and over the years they have proved that they don’t have the desire or the will to give back what is rightfully ours. They merely add insult to injury. Thus, we are committed to pulling off their mask, along with the rose coloured glasses through which our people have come to view them, and expose the rotting corpse underneath. So, yes, we will continue to de-legitimate the empire while offering alternatives to which Southrons can transfer their allegiances. Don’t think I’m giving the radical Democrats a free pass, but unlike the Republicans, they are at least honest enough to come right out and tell you they're radicals. However, Republicans are liars. They woo you with talk of conservatism, low taxes, small government, etc., yet they deliver the opposite. We think it's far better to have an open enemy than a sneaky, back-stabbing, ‘friend’.The issue of race in modern America is one that, due to the strangling constraints of ‘political correctness’ on the timid, cannot be openly or honestly discussed. We, however, are not timid, nor will we be bound by such idiotic restraints. It is our assertion that the Southern people are waiting for someone to forthrightly say in public what most everyone thinks in private. Therefore allow me to briefly outline our views on this ‘touchy subject’. We believe that the greatness and stability of the South is rooted in her white, western, Christian civilisation, and that her only hope for the future is in the continued dominance of that civilisation within her territory. We happily acknowledge that other racial groups have made contributions to Southern civilisation, but they have historically done so by assimilating into it, and adopting it as their own. We consider anyone, of any race, who is willing to do that to be a fellow Southron. It is in this manner that relative peace and cooperation among the South's different races has been, and may continue to be, achieved. The contemporary attitude, however, is that the dominant white, western, Christian civilisation of the South must be overturned and replaced by some centrally controlled, egalitarian, multi-cultural utopia. We contend that this is a fools errand, contrary to God's created order, and eventually destructive to Southrons of all races. Thus, we will fight against such foolishness.We also believe in freedom of association in all aspects of life. For this reason, our vision of a free Southern republic is one in which the current plethora of government mandated programmes, regulations, and restrictions will be a thing of the past. Businesses, churches, clubs, schools, and individuals will be free to determine and enforce their own qualifications for employment, membership, association, etc. without government interference. This principle is closely allied to our stand on private property rights. If so-called ‘laws’ and government regulations keep a person from choosing with whom they will associate, or a business, school, club, or other organisation from establishing its own criteria for employment, enrollment, membership, etc. - in brief, if they can't control their own property as they see fit - then they are not free men, but slaves.I think that the foregoing adequately rebuts your specious allegations regarding the topics discussed. I wonder if, in the interest of an open debate of ideas, you'll have the courage or intellectual honesty to post this on your blog. As the great Southern philosopher, Dr Richard Weaver once said - ideas have consequences. The LoS thinks that her ideas will produce good consequences, and it is painfully obvious to us that yours have produced horrible ones. We have the courage to engage in the debate and let folks decide for themselves. Do you? We’ll see.For a free and independent Southern republic,

Mark A. Thomey, MemberLoS Board of Directors

Well , we certaintly are all for debate Mr Thomney and you shall get it tomorrow(really this morning looking at the clock). Mr Thomey sort of goes on a long rant here but he is not very specific about what he takes issues with from my post. Perhaps I am tired and don't see it at this moment. Anyway, I wsa thinking about revisting the League and see what monkeyshines they were up too lately. So this will provide a good opportunity. Also I will try to clean up this post that seems to have some annoying type in it when I transferred it.


Anonymous Sallyvee said...

Lord have mercy. Do the kooks realize that one of their major recruiting problems is how fast they put people to sleep with their long winded tirades in which NO ONE, and NO THING and NO INSTITUTION ever ever meets their standard of perfection?

Truly, every Libertarian, Illuminati Crackpot, Freemason Phobic, John Bircher, et al. that I've ever met has been very intelligent, extremely well read, and fatally boring. They are about as much fun and as attractive as the Jihadi cults.

Good luck responding, PA. Don't waste too much time on it though. Any chance you can track down Lyle Lovett while you're in Austin? I hear he hangs out around town in the juke joints when he's not on tour.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Sallyvee said...

Does the white cat have green eyes? If so, that genetic combo yields complete deafness... so if you're telling the cat to get off your head he won't hear you. You'll have to learn kitty sign language. Note however, even cats with 100% hearing are not famous for obeying instructions.

Git yerself some Loratadine 10 mg at WalMart -- that's the far cheaper generic version of Claritin. Pop one a day and you and the cat should be perfectly compatible by Day 2.

5:34 PM  

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