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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Anchoress � EMBRYONIC Stem Cells, EMBRYONIC

The Anchoress � EMBRYONIC Stem Cells, EMBRYONIC

I am going to be out of town a good bit of tomorrow. I suspect I will put some things up tomorrow morning before I go. However tonight there are least two or three things I wouuld like to get out.

First, go read the above post on the debate on Embryonic Stem Cell research by the Anchoress. She also discusses how we should be very pround of Bush too for his stance. I wanted to cover this subject some but I have been wrapped up in several other things as you well know. This is a important issue , and she has put into words my thoughts so much better than I can.

One reason I wish you to read that is I will have a post on a related Pro -Life topic tonight. During the Horrors of Katrina, there was quite a man made horror unfolding in the most unlikely of places. That was a Baptist hospital. People were arrested today for that and I expect more arrest to follow. What happened if TRUE was Euthanasia and in fact it was just plain murder. But even so its a very complex and moral tale that will have people debating. I will try my best to follow this issue and tonight will be my first post on this. What happened down there needs not only to discussed by politicians and legal folks. But this case needs to be examined in medical schools and hospital management to make sure this never happens again anywhere. Tonight will be my first post on this issue.

I also expect to do a new "Welcome to my blogroll" tonight and maybe hit on one other topic. Also there was a nice message from the Pope that the media will not talk about I expect nor the net. I am waitingon the English translation on that.

So I will be up. I am such a nightowl lol. So feel free to email me or stop by the blog and comment on something that interest you.


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