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Sunday, July 16, 2006

An Analysis on the war situation from Captian Quarters Blog

Reader SV sent me this link here that is great analysis how Hezbullah has messed up as to expecting widespread Arab support in the region. Read it I agree with it. It also makes me even sure of what I wrote in the post below. Israel has a chance here to do something good. They just don't need to blow it.

Update- As I just finish typing this the Israelis just attacked the airport destroying more things? My I ask what the point is of that is. Nothing is leaving the airport anyway. We got 25,000 Americans there and other foreigners that need to get out. Why are we continuing to hit something that is instrumental to the tourist industry. That industry employs 400,000 people. Are those people that working in that Industry with Hezbullah? I doubt it. Israel is doing some correct things and IMHO are doing things like this that lack common sense. Maybe someone can explain it to me


Anonymous SallyVee said...

About the airport. Remember a couple of things. First, we are not getting fully accurate reporting. Second, Hizbollah & Co. are experts at hiding their people and their installments & weaponry among the citizenry. Medved's brother in Isreal implied that the Hizbos are storing some of their reported 10,000 rockets near the airport. Which MUST be destroyed, whatever the cost.

Remember also how the airport in Baghdad became a staging area and battleground initially. It was very important for us to capture and nail down that airport, and it turned into a pretty big battle. Probably much bigger than we even think.

Another reason for hitting the airport is that it's cleared of human targets now. In that sense, it is a somewhat symbolic display. The Israelis can pulverize the place without killing anymore people.. and still make a pretty powerful point.

I don't worry about the airport. It will be rebuilt immediately upon war's end. Probably with assistance from other regional players to get it done in record time. For the moment, it is a useful tool of leverage and should be exploited to the max.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous SallyVee said...

Also, since tourism is so important to the entire counry, it's a great way to keep the pressure on civilians to help do whatever they can to BOOT the HIZBOS as fast as possible. That's a little harsh perhaps, but far preferable than killing large numbers of people. Israel should keep the pressure on... it's working!

3:07 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Well if intellegence shows that those weapons are there that is proper then. However it appears they what hit was a fuel depot though and not a place where weapons could be stored

I guess the symbolism is what I am worried about. I am not sure if that airport is a symbol for Hezabullah or more of a symbol for the Lebanese that we wish to keep their support. That is my concern that they destrou the infrastructure that will enable a free democractic Lebanon to progress

3:12 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Well perhaps. Till the Israelis can tell me how the Lebanese folks can kick out Hexaullah out of Southern Lebanon, I am a tad skeptical of that plan. They have been trying to do that despite their leaders getting assinated. Right now , I am just seeing the folks that can make a difference flleing and getting out. There were signs that was slowly happening that Lebanon bit by bit was getting more control. My fear is that is the reason why HEzbullah might have done this.I guess, I think Israel should treat Lebanon in reality what it is. Two seperate countries and bomb the areas where the srongholds are. I mean in the end the guy that is behind this made the World's most powerful military leave in 83. If we want to the Lebaonese to do this and perhaps start a huge Civil War then someone needs to ask the question is who will send in troops to help them do that. They can't disarm them because they literally are massively outgunned

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:57 PM  

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