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Friday, July 07, 2006

Afghanistan- Our Forgotten War?

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When Michael Yon writes on a topic I pay attention. His writing on Iraq has been excellent. His later piece is great and also is very disturbing about our efforts in Afghanistan. From the video we see it is easy to believe that this country is sparsely populated. However, it has a population of 31 million which is 7 million more than Iraq. Our combined forces in the region is 21,000 . Yon points out some hard truths that need to be corrected and soon.

Also, go the the links below. Leave a comment too, I bet they would love it
Milbloggers from Afghanistan
...from Afghanistan -Scott Gurley is a 27-year-old, single, communications specialist for the Florida Army National Guard, currently deployed to Afghanistan

AfghaniDan - A excellent blog from a Marine in Iraq. He is quite fun to read . His description of his blog is A young man's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.

Afghanistan Blog- a pretty good blog from a serviceman that is embedded with the Afghanistan Army

Bruce's Deployment to Afghanistan-updated weekly

Chris's Blog -I like this blog a great deal- Plus like many mil bloggers he has a great since of humor. His description of his blog is "Dedicated to the dogged pursuit of UBL, and the freedom of humanity to choose burkas or man-dresses"

Farfromcanadahar -This a military blogger that is representing the great White Norths efforts . He is the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar, Afghanistan

KGW Afghanistan blog -Blog of a reporter embedded with a National Guard unit in Afghanistan

War in the SandBox... - Is again a excllent blog by A Navy guy that is witht the 405th Civil Affairs Battalion. Want to know what its like getting hit by an Suicide bomber? Go here


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