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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson and What I think About the Whole Jewish thing

Lets Give Mel Some Slack

Yep that is my view. I think it is time to Mel a little slack here on the anti Jewish comments he made while he was drunk. But first some Clarifications.

Mel Gibson is not a Catholic

I keep hearing that Mel Gibson is a Catholic or a Roman Catholic. I have had five different discussions with people today on this issue and they keep calling Mel Gibson is a Catholic. To be a Roman Catholic one must be in communion with the Bishop of Rome. Commonly known as the Pope. I think its is pretty clear that Mel Gisbson is not in communion with the Bishop of Rome. He belongs to a schismatic church that I suspect doesn't even recognize the POPE. From what I gather his Dad's beliefs are perhaps a little bit more wacky than Mels. However if Mel Gibson is taking the Sacraments there and helping build schismatic Churches in Malibu he is therefore not a Catholic. Ok I feel better.

What is Mel Then?

Now as to Mel Gisbson's supposed Catholic beliefs. There are tons of what are called "Traditional Catholics" by the press. I generally don't like that term. I view myself as a "Traditional" Catholic. However, that term in common usage is one that attends and advocates the Latin Mass. In reality thats even more complicated. The term in fact seems to cover people who think the "new mass is invalid",and/or that Vatican II was not valid, and/or that the See of Peter is currently vacant and there is no Pope right now. These people are called Sedevanctist . I just happen to call all these people Protestants myself but that is me. Also there are people who are Sedevanctist and solve the problem by having their friends elect them POPE.

Is Mel Gibson's Relgion Anti Semitic?
I would have to say officially no it is not from what I know. Now I suppose there are some Jewish groups that would say that it is. However, I must disagree with that. What is often viewed as anti semitic theology or worship practices are genuine discussions of debate. For example this whole tiresome business if it is appropriate to pray for the Conversion of the Jews on Good Friday. However, I do notice some very disturbing trends of anti Jewish thought in several of these movements. I am not familar with the Church Gibson attends so I am not sure if that stupidity is prevalant there. But it would not surprise me if Gibson is exposed too it. That is the horror of schism. Evil creeps in because of Schism . Its even worse in some ways for these groups of "catholics" because their sacraments are valid but they are in rebellion.

Time For a Come To Jesus Moment

I don't know about the rest of you but I am a human being. I still have to battle the evil of prejudice. I live in the deep South. At times my demons are against prejudices against blacks. Blacks have to battle their prejudices against whites. Does that mean I am racist. No. The key is to recognize those feelings and correct it immediatly. In some places it's American Indians , Asians, Hispanics, Jews, and now more and more arabs. It is called being human. I have said things while drunk,in anger, or without thinking I have regretted just like maybe Mel Gibson did. I suspect I am not the only one.

The key here is that he was drunk. In fact since he is in recoveryand it seems had mistep , perhaps it might be important to think of how much of what he said was not rage against Jews but rage against himself. Does that justify the whole thing? No of course not. But I think we know enough that perhaps we can ascertain that his Dad gave him certain beliefs or at the very least he was raised around it. During the whole Passion of the Christ incident many Jews that worked with Gibson came to his defense. That should not be forgotten. Let me put it this way. If you said the word Nigg** while in a rage or drunk should your entire life now be judged by that. It is ok to hold Stars to a higher standard at times. But maybe we should be wondering if we are in fact committing a sin ourselves by doing that to the degree that some people are trying to hold Gibson too. . In fact they are reveling in it. Just saying.

I am much more concerned about the statements that are being said by people cold sober. If we want to talk about anti semitism then lets get real. Have people been on the net lately. It is on the left and the right. This one World Government and Neo Con Conspiracy junk is full of it. Lets condemm that. The comments against Arabs and Mexcians I have been hearing lately makes my blood curl. Do people remember what a certain Senator from New Jersey said during the height of that made up Dubai Port scandal. Oh and let me say this to the black community that has been AWOL on this immigration issue. I am not letting you off the hook either. It is amazing the pure anti Hispanic venom that is occuring there. Oh and lets not forget a certain Georgia female Congresswoman's anti Semetic remarks either.

Gibson's Critics
Some of Gibson's Jewish Critics have a agenda. Before everyone gets into a rage about that statement please don't. People that purport themselves as Christians have agendas too. I think some of this relates to the Passion movie. I remember when that happened. I sat with amazement at how the New York Times bashed that movie for two weeks straight. In fact, it was pretty clear that some people were using that as a agenda to bash Christians and conservatives. Thankfully many in the Jewish community stood up to that nonsense and exposed the true politcs behind it. There are people that are condemming Gibson that I am still waiting to be condemmed. I have a blogger on my blogroll that I didn't even realize was Jewish till today. Big Lizards devoted a whole post to this today. I agree a hundred percent. He says in part:

What does it tell us that when Gibson gets pasted, he rants about the Jews? It tells us that he grew up in an antisemitic household with a father who thinks the Holocaust was "fiction." When Gibson is six sheets and a top-gallant to the wind, he is not rational... so big deal, big antisemite, he says irrational things when he's irrational. Who cares?
But by contrast, Abraham Foxman was presumably perfectly sober and in his right mind when he said of Gibson

"It's not a proper apology because it does not go to the essence of his bigotry and his anti-Semitism," he said in a statement on the organization's Web site. "We would hope that Hollywood now would realize the bigot in their midst and that they will distance themselves from this anti-Semite."

and elsewhere

The glee with which he has jumped onto this momentary, drunken harangue by Gibson is more boorish than the rant itself. What is the danger from what Gibson said? Gibson was clearly channeling his deranged father; many slaves of the grape, when under the influence, revert to long discarded beliefs and stereotypes of their childhood, things they would never say when sober because they no longer believe what they believed when they were seven or eight years old.
When a blotto Mel Gibson bellows about the "f***ing Jews," is that going to encourage more people to become antisemites? Of course not. Far more likely is it that Foxman's demand for what amounts to a hate-speech code, preventing any Christian from expressing beliefs about the necessity of being "saved" that come straight out of their Bible, will infuriate so many of the majority religion that some, at least, will turn their backs on the Jews and on Israel.
Not that Foxman would care; it would only confirm everything he's always hated about Christians. And yes, I do indeed "know what is in his heart," because I take the man at his word.
When drunkards drink, they revert to their childhood and mouth words that Papa or Mama used to say. This doesn't prove them racists, bigots, or antisemites; it proves they're human

Read the whole thing and tell me where he is wrong? I realize this is a touchy topic. I really don't like talking about it myself. I don't like talking about it because (1) I don't want to hurt peoples feelings and (2) I don't want people to think I am anti Jewish. But it must be talked about. I have talked before how my grandparents in the South knew tons of Jews. Well, when I came along they had all moved to Atlanta as they said. Besides our visits to New Orleans I can't actually remember meeting a Jewish Person that I knew to be Jewish till I was 18. He happened to be in my golf class at college. I think I spooked him because when I found out he was Jewish, I pelted him with questions. I am sure he felt like I viewed him as some exotic alien from outer space. Of course as I expanded my travels in college and my time in New Orleans I met more Jews. But, along the way simple questions I had or wanted to talk about seemed to be off limits? Like are Jews a race or ethnic group or a religion or all three? By the way I am told Jews are not an ethnic group or Race and to say that is horrible but then I hear Jews refer to themselves that way so I am still confused on that point? Why are so manyJews so pro abortion . pro- Euthnasia and so pro Government control when last Century a man in Germany tried his damnest to kill every Jew on Earth? Why do Jews say you are being anti semitic when you try to convert Jews to Chrisitianity? How is that different from me trying to convert a Baptist to being Catholic? When I asked some of these questions I was accused of being anti semetic by some. So what did I do? Mostly I quit asking questions. That is pretty stupid if you ask me. But some people that are criticising Gibson won't be satisified t appears till we excise half the text of the New Testament. That is not all but some. Also perhaps some of these people in Hollywood are just plain jealous and it has nothing to do with religion at all. I am glad to say that one of my readers has turned me on to Michael Medved who is a great jewish conservative talk radio host. He does a lot more than that actually. I am learning some tidbits to my questions there

Of course some of the critics of Gibson are just anti Christian period. They have this prejudice against Christians. Hey some of it from past experience is based on some things that are valid. But I must admit their agenda gets tiresome. Especially when it is against Evangelicals. I remember once I was going to the Courthouse with a friend when this lawyer we knew just collapsed dead on the courthouse steps right there in front of us. Well my friend that was Baptist told me the lawyer was Jewish. So we go to the hospital where he was announced dead. Now I remembered from some episode of a Comedy TV Show about a Jewish Doctor in Alaska that you just don't treat a dead jewish person like you would a dead Catholic or a dead Baptist. It was one of those moments of "why didn't they teach us this in school???".
The problem was after my Baptist Friend and I powwowed with the Methodist nurse we couldn't remember what we should be doing. So I spent half the day trying to find any Rabbi or Jew within a 50 mile radius to get to the hospital and help us out with that. In the mean time a nice Assembly of God minister happened to be come along and gave us the details and said we should just sit with the body till some Jewish help showed up. So in other words complete Christian strangers came together to make sure this JEWISH man's beliefs were respected even in his death. So needless to say I find this anti Christian agenda by some that is behind this sometimes quite tiresome and incorrect. Espically that conservative Christians hate jews.

Well What About Mel and What to do ABout Him?

Well, what to do about Mel. First is pray for him. As a Catholic I will pray he will leave all this kookiness in the schistmatic Catholic movement and return home to Rome. That might help a lot. Gibson will have to show the world he is contrite and truly is not anti Jewish. If Gibson has some other problems also I think it is appropriate to let him deal with that too before demanding public mea cuplas all over the place. I think Mel Gibson.s heart is in the right place. Only time will tell really. I can give him that. Let me speak as a Christian to Christians. I think we have a role here too. First we can't let a public figure that represents himself as Christian take a total pass on this issue. This should be dealt in the proper way. Further, we must ignore the crazed rants of so called Jewish groups that are demanding an inquistion on a drunken statement. There are two reasons for that. First I suspect that some people that get on the media do not speak for the Jewish community. Second because of how they are attacking this it will just harden our own hearts because we might feel our faith is under attack. We all remember the rants about the Passion movie. Further, it would be nice to use this as a dialouge. I am disturbed at the rising anti Jewish feeling I am seeing. Its just not amonga few wacked out arabs or kkk idiots. There seems to be a resurgance of anti jewish rethoric that is occuring on the left and the right. Maybe we can use this incident to nip that in the bud. Perhaps in the end Gibson might be a part of that.

A look around my Blogroll

Called as Seen has a good post on a possible compromise on the immigration issue. I agree with his thought about how the Cannon plan is the best plan to follow. I made a comment on that entry of one problem I see with the Pence plan. He references a artitcle by one of my favorite Journalist. That is Ruben Navarrette. Be sure to read what he says. I agree with his thoughts also. Navarrette says in part:But here's the part that is helpful. After all the nativist pollution in this debate, the Hutchison-Pence plan clears the air. It forces the anti-amnesty crowd to finally come clean about what really bothers them. If it is merely the fact that people are coming here illegally, then they should have no problem with the Hutchison-Pence plan. After all, those who participate in the guest worker program have to do so with a legally issued visa. But for those whose concerns have less to do with words like "legal'' or "illegal'' than with what they see as the erosion of the Anglo-Saxon culture and the English language, then this plan won't offer much comfort.

Exactly. Your call Tancredo

The NYT takes a hard look at Monaghan and Ave Maria Florida is a lead story by American Papist. If you recall there was talks of a "Catholic" town being planned in Florida by the founders of Domino's Pizza. This is a pretty hard look at the whole thing. Also American Papaist is upfront about knowing many of the people interviewed. Also the comment section looks lively. I would check this out.
I missed this somehow on the news. American Papist brings us news also of our Secretary of State's concert activity this psst weekend. Condi Rice is no amatuer. I recall that Condi got too hook up and play with some renown Pianist at the White House one time. He made a great comment. The pianist said she was no amateur at this piano thing. Also it was important for people like Rice to show their collegues that this isn't just a hobby. For a link and to hear her play go here.

Conservative Cajun has a post from a couple of days ago that I wish to highlight. One issue he really hits is some idiotic Editorial out of Wisconsin complaning we Louisiana folks are going to get to much money out of oil revenue sharing plan. Cajun hits it right on. He also hits on the Israel topic. I find his post interesting because that view is advocates is the view many people I know have. I am in a tough spot because I agree in part and sort of disagree with certain aspects. I might use his blog entry as an aid to explain my views on the subject later. In the meantime LOUISIANA FOLKS write that paper he is talking about in Wisconsin. We have to fight for our state.

Krusty Konservative from Iowa has a good entry on Romney's latest trip to Iowa. Also , Romney use as a word during a speech that I bet he won't use again. IF it was a slow news day that fauz pas would have gooten more news. Check out the rest of his recent entries. It is always a good read.

Michael Totten has some grim news about the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. I am not going to go fully into it now but I agree with his sentiments. I have consistently said if that if the elements of the Lebanese Government that are friendly are not standing at the end of this this will be a defeat. Sorry, if people disagree let me know and I will incorporate those thoughts in my upcoming post. I am praying for Israel's success by the way. I encourage people to read the comments. I guess its clear, I am going to talk about this tonight in a post lol. PLus Sally V,one of my readers is sending me good stuff to use.

For more on the War and just good general wisdom just go the Anchoress blog. She has a lot of stuff I agree with on too as to this conflict and other things.

Do me one more favor. If you got the time do the following. Say thanks for people for serving. Just leave a comment and say hi. I will take my own words of advice and do this by tomorrow. Go to Cajun Rant and say have a safe travel back to Iraq. He is a Civilian contractor heading back over. Go over to Birth of a Solider and say hight to a new military mom from Lafayette. I am sure she is watching these events in Lebanon with a different view and mindset than than us. Also visit Bandit36 and Midnight in Iraq and say hello. Better yet go to and find a one of almost 2000 milbloggers that are serving this Country and browse for a while. I hope to add a new milblooger tomorrow.

There is much more on my blogroll but it is dinner time. On Mondays I give myself a treat. That is Fried Chicken from KFC. Now there is one topic I have not discussed that is being talked about. That is all this commotion over Mel Gibson. That is being talked about on my blogroll. I have some thoughts on this and I think a few clarifications. Till then see you later tonight.

Saban declines offer from Bush-

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Saban declines offer from Bush
Dolphins coach too busy to dine with president

From todays Sport Illustrated.

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- When the White House called with an invitation to dine with President Bush, Dan Marino took it. But the coach of his former team said no.
Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban said Monday that his obligations at training camp took priority over a chance to meet the president.
"It was really a tough decision," Saban said. "I feel like my first responsibility is our team. That in no way disrespects the importance of the opportunity I would have loved to have had to spend dinner with the President."
The invitation was for dinner with Bush on Sunday night at Joe's Stone Crabs, a landmark Miami Beach restaurant. Marino, a former Dolphins quarterback and an NFL Hall of Famer, did attend, Bush said in a speech Monday.
Several Dolphins players said they weren't surprised that Saban put his team ahead of the president.
"We all know Nick is serious about what we're doing here and is committed to it," defensive end Jason Taylor said

Let me say people can debate if Saban's choice in this matter was proper. However, I can tell you he did not mean any disrespect by it. LSU has never had a driven Coach like Saban. This just shows the extent of his drive. LSU's loss was Miami's huge gain.

NOTE- Since the most beautiful time of the year is approaching. That is LSU football season, I will be attempting to put more LSU related football stories on ponderingamerican.

Developments on Minutegate Over the Weekend

Several Interesting things happened as to MinuteGate over the Weekend.

Update on extreme wacko Laine Lawless.

First, let me give a big shotout to a great Entry that Subway Canaries did on Laine Lawless. Ms. Lawless if you do not remember is the lesbian pagan high priestess Nazi white power woman that was involved with Simcox early on as well as others. Of course now, many people are saying they were ignorant about all that. Yeah right. In my view people like that are not exactly shrinking violents about talking about their views like 24/7 and to anyone that is not in a coma. Anywho, Ms Lawless despite being a major dangerous wacko loves Xena. Subway has a link to that hilarious post. Anyway go here to see her great expose.. By the way I am working on something to post at Subway Canaries. Stay tuned here for the link when it occurs.

Connie Hair Minuteman Spokeswoman/Diener and William Greene Mouth Piece

There is an interesting forum called Liberty Post. Liberty Post is a forum largely inhabited by people too extreme for Free Republic. They seem to dream of neo con conspiracies in their sleep. Connie Hair , who by the way was spokesman for FR before she was banned, spoke out on that Forum yesterday in a very long post. Liberty Post is a good forum to moniter for many reasons. Many of the minutemen and the people that have intimate knowledge of the players in this drama post there. In fact, it has been a treasure trove of information. Well Connie Hair broke her silence in a long post that filled with veiled threats of lawsuits and putdowns. Basically she said nothing. She goes under the name of Cal on that forum. Her longwinded post is located at post 28. Needless to say you can see the diehards were not impressed. I thought this comment in response summed it up nicely.

"Goodnight, sfvgto
.....likewise.......I'll sleep much better now that you shared all those specific facts and details about the sitution.....hey, wait a minute, there were no facts or details. We're back to "everythings cool, trust me, it's all good".......rats
! "

Let me say that Connie Hair sucks at PR and damage control. Look in that thread also for some links to some very disturbing court transcripts about Chris Simcox. I will have a few thoughts on ehr thoughts at the end of the post.

American Caging and the Mysterious Maureen Otis Speaks from Houston.

Good grief, it was like Christmas for me yesterday. Yes the mysterious Maureen Otis from the mysterious American caging firm speaks out. Go here , for all the details. By the way this was a huge tactical mistake in my view. The people involved in this do not want attention drawn to that little firm. However some use came of it. The Founder of American Caging Michael Fred is mentioned in a accountant report she mentioned. This is important because not only did he found this company he is also Maureen's ex husband. It appears he still works there. That is significant because I have spent half a week trying to track him down.

Maureen if you are reading this blog to which I suspect you are. I am not accusing you or your company of skimming money in the accounting room. So lets not go down that red herring path. What we want to know is, how did you hook up with these people, and what are your true finanacial arangements with Greene/Zohidates/Sheldon/Keyes. In other words how much money in caging fees are really going back to their enterprises. Also Ms Otis who owns American Caging in reality? Anywho, I don't think it is going to be a good week for Maureen Otis and American Caging. I mentioned earlier in the week I had some major concerns about things I discovered that were happening in Houston. A source tells me that others had that concern too. It will soon be unleashed upon the internet in its full glory for all too see. Especially for reporters that are looking at this forum threads.

A few things that are occuring here. THere is a mad and ineffective effort to hold off till Novmember to issue any reports. This is stupid in many ways and no one is buying it. First this report would only have 2005 expenditures in it. In other words there would be no talk about the bulk of the donation and expenditures from late last year to the current date. I also have been monitering current expenditures that are going out from the Minuteman PAC in various races. Especially in races occuring in Colorodo and in Michigan. There has been much activity on that front as well as from their assorted allies in thge past week. Questions have been raised if some ,lets say illegal, shuffling of funds from the groups I have been exposing is finding its way into these PACs. Stay tuned.

Whats Up for Today

Posting to this blog will get a tad bit more to normal today. Several former Shreveporters come to my blog and I wanted to keep the Herby K murder story on top yesterday. Also, I wanted to keep the Greene expose at the top of the blog too.

I will be posting a roundup of some interesting developments that happened as to Minutegate in my next post. I intend to do a round up on what is happening on my blogroll as well as some other matters. By the way, I am on Yahoo messenger this afternoon. The name is theponderingamerican of course so give me a hoolar if you like.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tragedy In Shreveport Louisiana- Herby K Owner Shot Dead

Sad news on so many levels. The Shreveport Times has the full story here. Some excerpts:
Herby K's co-owner Adrian Johngene "John" Bean Jr., 58, died early Saturday at LSU Hospital after being shot during an armed robbery at the restaurant shortly before 9:45 p.m. Friday. Witnesses told police that a masked man dressed in all black was robbing the restaurant when he and Bean began fighting. The assailant shot Bean and fled through an alley.

On Saturday, shocked and grieving friends placed flowers, cards and posters outside the restaurant at 1833 Pierre Ave., a Shreveport dining institution since 1936, where a handwritten sign on the door read: "CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE."William Myar, 50, a family friend and sometime restaurant worker, went Saturday to finish cleaning up from Friday night's dinner crowd. He put some food in the freezer and threw away perishables such as cole slaw. He said he doesn't think Herby K's will re-open anytime soon.

Bean's energy had become a vibrant part of the historic restaurant since he married Janet Kaye Thrasher Busi, who had become a part of the Busi family through a previous marriage. Herbert Busi Sr. opened the restaurant -- with walls covered in artist renderings of the building, old license plates and university logo stickers -- 70 years ago.Bean's gentle manner, Myar said while sitting in the booth nearest to the patio order window, made him a true "people person.""It always made me feel good to work for him," said Myar, wiping his eyes with a napkin while a tear dropped onto his tattooed right arm. "He'd loan me his last 50 cents."

More at the Times link. John was truly a great person. Like many people, I sure we will hear the full extent of it after he is dead than when he was alive. I almost stopped by there for Lunch last week. I regret I didn't now.

Besides the death, I think the sadness will be double here. Herby K's is sort of a Shreveport institution. It refused to die away and had a very loyal customer base. It was not only for the food that was great. but because we felt things as special as Herby's should be maintained. I am not sure if Herby K's will reopen now . Perhaps it will. I hope so. But I have my doubts. No one has been arrested yet , but I personally hope that the person that did this receives the Death Sentence myself. This by the way is the 17th violent deasth in Shreveport this year.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

So Called Conservative Guru William Greene Examined-- OH and Also ALL The Money From The Fence Might Be Going to TV Preacher Shows- Cha Ching So Sorry

Updates at bottom
Updated-9:56-Post showing how Greene see's profit motive for mailing list
Updated-11:17- More kooky stuff on this TBN connection

UPDATE-11:40-Possible link to American Caging. Grizzard Agency to which William Greene worked for webs site is here. They have 3 offices. See at bottom of post for more.

While researching this stuff on Minutegate, American Caging, Response Unlimited, Alan Keyes, etc, it was always in the back of my mind that this was like some phoney Evangelist you see on TV that was fleecing the flock. It appears that may be closer to the truth than I thought. I was about to put up that post I have been promising on the internet today when I got sidetracked. It has always struck me as strange that there is not much to be known about the now influential William Green of and assorted enterprises. In my research into American Caging, I decided I needed to see if these people had met up in the past. I had looked at Mr Greene, but finding out about him was quite difficult at times. However by accident , that changed today.

Mr William Green Past(What I know So Far)

You have to go through about 100 pages of google before you start connecting all the dots as to Mr Greene's bio. There is a tad here and bit there. Lets see what we can find by examing these bits of info.

This was the most important find
William Greene
President of Strategic Internet Campaign Management, Inc., specializing in online fundraising and grassroots activism. Spearheaded and the Sixty Second Activist Club. Former vice president, Internet Marketing and Development, ConservativeHQcom Inc. PhD, Miami Christian University; ABD, Florida International University; MA, UNC-Greensboro; BA, UNC-Asheville; graduate, Brevard College

Now when I saw that, I thought WTF are some of these universities? I had never heard of Miami Christian University where Mr Greene got his PHD and never heard of this Florida International Place either. More on his bio from another source.:...prior to his work there, he was the Director of Internet Marketing at The Grizzard Agency of Atlanta, a top ten direct marketing agency, as well as Internet Manager at Jesus Fellowship, Inc., in Miami, which was in the vanguard of Internet use for religious nonprofits with sites like Churches dot Net and the Christian Internet Broadcast Network ( Initially, Dr. Greene was in academia, teaching political science and international relations at Florida International University ( in Miami for a number of years. I encourage you to click on that source and read the whole bio , it is quite interesting. But anyway we see that he taughtInternational Relations at this Florida International thing. Pretty impressive Or maybe not. Also some other interesting details. Now look at this. This is from a google cache. Since it could disapper soon, I shall post it in in full.

Grizzard Communications Group, an Atlanta-based direct marketing agency, is putting together an Internet advertising network for those who want to reach the "evangelical market."
A group of Christian and church-related "Web publishers and e-mail newsletters has hired Grizzard to be its full-service sales agent. The company will offer advertisers both placement and technical support, including serving the ads to sites.
Most of the sites are run by Jesus Fellowship Inc., a large nonprofit ministry in Miami. But since starting the network this year, other sites have contacted Grizzard about becoming part of it, according to William Greene, Grizzard's director of Internet marketing.
By late February, the Grizzard Internet Ad Network was already serving 20,000 banner ads per day. It is selling the ads on a cost-per-thousand or an impressions-served basis.Most of the publishers issue online newsletters that accept text advertisements of up to five lines, plus a return e-mail address or a hyperlink to the marketer's Web site. There are about 30,000 recipients of these publications. (Right now Grizzard does not rent out the e-mail lists.)

"It's a niche market that's a good target for a number of different products that sell well over the Internet - music, videos, T-shirts, jewelry," Greene says.
This is Grizzard's first big plunge into Internet marketing. About 60% of the company's clients are in the nonprofit sector, including the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, Bowery Missions and the Humane Society.
Greene says that the commercial business is growing and he expects at some point to expand the Internet service to include some commercial World Wide Web sites.
Jesus Fellowship's sites include Churches dot Net (; CIRnet, the Christian Internet Radio Network (www.cir; CITV, the Christian Internet Television Network (; and the Miami Christian University Virtual Library (

COPYRIGHT 1998 PRIMEDIA Business Magazines & Media Inc. All rights reserved.COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale Group
Well, I had a enough now to find some stuff and lets say it led me in interesting places.


William Greene of This Is your Life- DIPLOMA MILL SCAM ARTIST.

Its even worse, it's associated with a Church. More on that later. Here are a few Emails that Mr Greene has sent out(by the way there must be many more we just did to find them on these forums)
William Greene of Miami University - writes:
- Miami University, a state-authorized theological - institution in Miami, Florida, is about to leap into the - world of Internet Radio. Using RealAudio 2.0 software, we will be - able to deliver live streams of contemporary music, talk - shows, teachings, and live church services. - - We have not, however, purchased the RA server yet; my question is, - does anyone have any familiarity with any other live stream programs - which would enable multiple accesses at the same time? Streamworks - seems to be the only one we've found; are there others as easy as - RealAudio

Hello! I ran across your Web page on what theological degree programs are available over the Internet, and thought you might be interested in Miami Christian University, where I am Dean of Students. MCU is the only theological institution that I am aware of which offers courses and degrees through the Doctoral level (including the D.Min. you have an interest in) completely online via the Internet. Our students come from around the world, and we utilize more and more of the latest technology to maintain our "virtual campus".If you are interested, our URL is on the World Wide Web.
God bless you in your theological journey!
William Greene.
(link to Greene's BS post here)

Newsgroups: From: Miami Christian University > Subject: Online Theological Coursework: JumpStart Program
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 08:51:31 -0500

Miami Christian University, a state-authorized theological institution in Miami, Florida, introduces its JumpStart program for easy registration. Courses and degrees are offered online via the Internet.

Now, evidentally this scam was getting quite a bit of attention. In fact a expert in these matters took him to task. I Strongly urge you to read the whole thing. It is awesome. But a few choice quotes:Dr. Steve Levicoff words will be in bold.

Actually, Bill already knows that the Institute on Religion and Law does not "operate" from a post office box, but receives its mail through a P.O. box for security reasons. After all, we're professionals when it comes to exposing yahoos and rip-offs like Bill Greene, so a little extra security never hurts. What Yahoo's.?You mean the man that is saving the Republic from RINO's ,Mexicans, a liberal Judicary, that promotes Alan Keyes, sends all this blast email and involved in the cutting edge of Conservative politics is a yahoo? God forbid!!!!Nonetheless, my credentials are quite public, and anyone who has half a brain - and I'm sure Marshall and Bill each have at least half a brain, which might actually total a whole brain between them - can find me quite easily.
Frankly, my own opinion is that Bill simply posted his message as an excuse to put in a plug for Miami University, one of the most insidious religious mills to come across the Internet. I'm delighted, as always, to reprint his message in full, hoping that our intelligent readership - especially those seeking programs for themselves - will check out their web site
. Now again the rest is quite hilarious and he exposes this for what this is. Also by the way Mr William Greene puts himself out as the Dean of Students of the Great Institution. Now how do we know this is the same Mr Greene. Well look in what WAS in the online catalog as to staff. I say was because if you go there now that part has disappered from their web site.

Greene, William-A.A. 1984, Brevard College, N.C.; B.A. Political Science, 1986, UNC-Asheville; M.A. Political Science, 1991, UNC-Greensboro; ABD in International Relations, 1996, Florida International U

If, you notice that is almost the same bio that is given for Mr William Greene is his new life as Conservative Internet Guru and savior of all things good for the American conservatives that I posted and linked to above. Also, As you shall see Mr Greene got his PHD from this very same shame school. I must note as you saw on that link that even their Biblical people on Staff are amusing. Fuentes, Luis-B.A. Biblical Studies & Human Resources Management, 1992, Miami College; OMD 1995, Accupuncture Institute of Florida. Well, I suppose it is good they have a Biblical Expert and someone trained in accupuncture. I post him for a reason because I swear I have ran across Luis Fuentes before in all this mess I have talked about.Anywho lets continue. It is talked about more here by the way also again byDr. Steve Levicoff again here. Also, both Dr Levicoff and other authorites do say their is a difference between legitimate long distance learning and this Crap that the current Head of, PAC, and ten millions other things was selling. In fact google Miami Christian University and Diploma Mill and you can see that quite well for yourself. Including what the State of Maine has to say about this nonsense amony others. Anyway what is behind this whole nonsense.


Well basically it appears that this whole Diploma scam is a project of this Church down in Miami. In fact it is in the Links over there on the side as well as other interesting things. Also if you go down please notice where the Pastor(that was talked about above in the Dr post) is now on the Teevee at. Does that symbol look familar. Well maybe this will refresh your memory

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

BY the way, I was pretty nice with picking that photo there are far worse ones I could have chosen. Also note TBN took in I think 198 million dollars last year. Boy, why does that sound similar to other things I have been talking about. Anyway more on why this might be significant later. Well as you noticed from above Mr Greene did quite a lot for this Church. In fact it appears that many of the sidelinks are due to his success. Now let me say, that I think Mr William Greene is a true believer here. Please go here to that goes to pastor resources on the JH page. Well as you can tell this page is quite interesting especially the little toliet bowl thing. Perhaps the Guru of the Conservative Internet politics, as he likes to be called, thought of that all by himself. But do take some time to read the things that it appears that Mr William Greene has written. In fact, I am almost 99.9 percent sure that has to be him.
I have not taken time to examine all this Theology in detail that it appears this Church and William Greene believe in. But I do wonder if it is related to this movement. If it is I do have concerns that relate to my final section of this post.


Needless to say the following suprised me , because I had not heard of Mr William Greene going into the following enterprises. What I found today at this link as you can tell something is very interesting.
3285 WINDGATE DR BUFORD, GA 30519-1942
Educational Organization

Well we all know what is located there also don't. That is also where the infamous SICM (Sick Em) is located that is the brains of his entire operation. Well I went and looked at his 990 forms and there has been absolutely no activity as to funds there. I checked it through Starguide which I recommend everyone sign up for. Looking at the basic forms are free. However I thought this was interesting that was on the site as well as on some of the forms.
Who We Are
Victory Television, Inc. (Victory TV) exists to operate a television facility to provide religious, educational, inspirational and family-oriented programming to our viewers
How to Help
This organization is seeking funds from contributions. These funds will be used for unrestricted operating expenses
There is a great need to see the HEARTS of people changed, across America and throughout the world. Victory TV exists to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to provide them with the tools that they need to live successful lives by applying biblical principles.
Victory TV is beginning with a single broadcast station in Delaware, and plans to expand to full satellite broadcast capabilities by the end of 2005 that can reach around the world

Now I am not sure the whole status of this Victory Tv Thing. Here is their web site. . Now I am not sure if they are even on in Deleware right now but things appear to be moving.

Hi folks,
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the
CBA convention, my first ever. As I mentioned to
many of you whom I met, this isn't my industry or
field, but I've ended up here as I'm facilitating the
very first "seed" stages of a new Christian
television network. While I attended NRB this
year, CBA was actually more informative for what
we're doing. Great job!
A special note of thanks to Rick Goetz for the
time he's spent with us and all he contributes to
the loop. But that's not to slight anyone else here
-- y'all rock! :-)
William Greene, President
Victory Television, Inc

link from google Cache.

Look at this post that Mr William Greene wrote
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003
Here's a question I haven't seen addressed in this thread:We're a new nonprofit corporation, filed our 501(c)3 application with theIRS, and have received our letter back listing everything we still need todo & send to them for the process to move forward, so we can complete ourtax-exempt status. Our lawyer is experienced and good, and we should havelittle problem achieving that status.However, we want to go ahead and start our fundraising. We have a likelylarge-dollar donor that can provide our seed money to build our station, butwe need to concurrently begin direct mail and online appeals for matchingcontributions, etc. Our understanding is that all donations will betax-deductible back to our incorporation date, as long as there's no snag inour final approval for tax-exemption.My question is, if someone wants to "check US out" to make sure we're legit,what are our options? There's no 990 on file anywhere yet; Guidestar won'tlist us (nor anyone else, as far was we can tell); we can't join ECFA untilafter a set period of time... what can we do to prove legitimacy, other thanput up a good website with good testimonials from good people associatedwith our good organization?Thanks in advance for your input!=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=William Greene, PresidentVictory Television, Inc.678-714-2471 w 678-530-1176

Also the Station or Freq in Deleware was bought last year.
PRICE: $2,550BUYER: Victory Television Inc. (William Greene, president) SELLER: Trinity Broadcasting Network (Paul F. Crouch, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 68, 5.5 kW

Now please notice who it was bought from. To be Honest I am not sure what that means but someone better take a look at this I think.


I don't know about you, but I am tad concerned. For the past few weeks I have looked at this pretty closely. We got these weird preachers the Sheldons that are making a ton off mailing list. We got my fellow Catholic Alan keyes running around making a ton being by always losing political races. We got Right March and other Groups like Diener all making 80 cents out of every dollar on everything Donor contribution they touch. Whether that dollar be for a campaign, or a Cause, or for this stupid supposed 55 million(I think its now more) Gaza like Fence in Arizona that all the groups I have mentioned are involved in. Then we got American Caging that looks as fishy as hell raking it in. In other words they are acting like the worst kind of scamming Preacher. They are Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Baker squared. Now it appears there is a potential televsion network in the mix. May I suggest if you have contributed to any of the above you might soon get a letter on this matter. Can you imagine the money making potential of this. It will make what they have now look like a Lemonade stand.

Perhaps I have missed this, but before today I never heard that such a man of such influence that is affecting policy helped run a College Diploma mill scam or was about to get into this Religion Televison Business. Perhaps I missed it, but I think not. I think the media has been asleep at the switch here.

Update 1-(reponse to Greene on link)
On a little side tangent here:We're just forming, and recruiting our board members now. Our nonprofit willbe purchasing & running a religious television station. Our idea is torecruit as board members well-known ministers and leaders that will (A) beuseful for fundraising purposes, especially to their own mailing lists, and(B) be useful for ministry, to play their television programs on the air (asa benefit of agreeing to serve on the board and letting us mail to theirlists over their signatures).Any thoughts on this approach?William GreeneVictory Television, Inc.

Update 2- A emailer pointer out something to me that now is quite strange. Of course I have talked about a possible TBN connection a little as to this Church.
Go here to the TBN webs site and look at the Crest. Now go to the Miami Christian University site and look at the top of the page. Its is the same Crest. Now linked to this page is CITV.COM. Look its the same thing. Now what is interesting as we learned above is that this is William Greene's baby this CITV thing. In fact I ran across a link saying this media is trademarked and owned by Jesus Fellowship. Who owns them? Does Greene still have some control? Just observations

update3- 11:40pm Grizzard Agency to which William Greene worked for web site is here. They have 3 Primaryoffices. One is located at

Grizzard: Houston
Tabs Direct
1002 Texas ParkwayStafford, TX 77477
tel: 800.231.0697
tel: 281.499.0417
fax: 281.403.7520

Friday, July 28, 2006

Breaking Breaking Breaking William Greene of RightMarch.Com Exposed

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Are Minutegate Dollars and dollars of Conservatives indirectly going to help fund a new teleevangelist Religious Network? Is William Greene of and hailed as the best things for conservatives since sliced bread a Scam Artist? Does William Greene Have a History of Notorious Scams in his Background? Should we be associating with this man? Stay tuned? First Part to be Out soon. Good Grief the kookiness I am finding out there.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why I talk about this Stuff Part II and Some people are not pleased with Response Unlimited.

I guess some people are wondering why I spend all this time talking about the Minutemen, the silly fence. Alan Keyes, William Greene , America Caging and etc. Well be paitent this is all coming together. I use a little of this blog at times to organize and focus against something I believe that is killing the party(Republican). Looking at it from afar, these groups looks great. They say help us support the Pro Life message!!!!. Lets protect Gun rights!!!! Lets support conservatives!!!!! Etc Etc.
However it becoming more clear to me that they don't really do any of these things. Oh they might do a little something but not much. To me when a conservative sends in a buck for a cause more than 10 or 20 cents of that dollar should actually go to the that issue. It is a scam. But its alot more damaging than that. It seems to me that the tone has done a 180 since the happy days of 2004. Remember that? We got Bush reelected, we gained in the Senate, and kept the House. Now it seems these groups instead of attacking Democrats attack fellow republicans. Think of Senator Graham of South Carolina. Why is he getting it so much? Is it perhaps he joined the gang of 14 and defused all that Judical nomination controversy? People lost money off that. This various groups couldn't send out more mailing and get more money to fight the Democrats. There were going to be no mass emails asking you to give $59 to and Conservative Petitions(all Greene/Sheldon/ Zohidates Groups) to fax all your senators. Mailing lists and Caging companies lost out on some $$$$ there.

Its damaging in other ways. There is only so much money to go around. It is not like we Republicans have a Super Majority either. I see things like this curious H. Lewis race in this Republican Primary in West Virginia for example. I mean this guy had no business running. In the end he got 27 percent and basically was tearing apart the legitimate Republican in that race. The race where we would like to defeat Senator Byrd. Lewis raised a hell of a lot of money really. Most of that money was raised out of State it appears. Also most of it went out of state. To people like William Greene and his groups. Hsp Direct was there again of course. It looks like to me perhaps that whole campaign was largely a money making enterprise. Sorry to offend any Lewis fans from WV but I am only telling you what I am seeing and hearing.

Also this new kooky Constitution Party is troubling. This is the party that Gilchrist the minuteman is associated with by the way. It is popping up all over the place. Now those folks that believe in that stuff normally vote Republican. They might have some misgivings about the Republican party on some issues but generally they are loyal Republican voters. Now I am seeing this party appear all over the place. Thye are not a huge factor but they are draining votes off the regular Republican running could use. We really can't afford that to happen when control of the House is so close. PLus remember its not like we won the last Presidential race by a landside. Why, Am seeing these same folks fingerprints all over this thing. A third party would kill us conservatives politically. But it does help get more money into certain pockets and helps the old mailing list business.

So this is much more than the particular facts of Minutegate. But Minutegate might be their undoing if it can seized upon. I think here they got too greedy. They would have a huge fundraising operation they could take advantage of. I mean its was advertized as a 55 million dollar project(its gone up n cost I hear). The caging fees, the money off Fundraising, and direct mail was a whole lot of income. All going to the same folks. We even haven't talked aboput the mailing list potential. This list is so targeted its gold. In fact its is advertized right now on Response Unlimited site.

67,414* Active Donors..........$120/M
57,491 Direct Mail Donors......+$10/M
9,923 Internet Donors.........+$10/M
25,763 Multi-Donors............+$20/M
* count is expected to increase rapidly over the coming months
The donors on this list feel strongly that the United States Government is simply not doing enough to control illegal immigration. They are so exasperated, in fact, that they have donated generously to the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a volunteer group that seeks to patrol the borders of the United States and Mexico. These donors realize that a porous border potentially means unfettered access for illegal drugs and terrorists to infiltrate our country. They feel that improved border security is an absolute requirement for the safety of the United States.In addition to giving of their money, many of these individuals have volunteered themselves to help patrol the border as official members of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.Sample mail piece is required for approval. Telemarketing is not allowed at this time.
Managed by Response Unlimited

But to keep this money train going they had to keep the debate going. They had to crucify any Republicans that supported "AMNESTY" as they called it.Even Congressman Pence is getting it now. There was money to be made and this thing could go on a while. It was a goldmine. But this occured at the cost of the Republican Party and the country. I think that is pretty pathetic. What issue is next? What issue will be maunfactured perhaps to make more money.

Anywho, Reponse Enterprises is not only using us it is a pretty shoddy business in fact. This Christian Group exposes them and to say the least they are not pleased its a good read and a eyeopener on how this works in part. So please read Ripoffs Unlimited: A Critical Examination Of Response Unlimited – A Christian Direct Mail Company.

Coming up next, On Pondering America how not every thing you see in the political arena on the Internet is What it appears.

Coming Up

Because of Blogger, I am way behind on what I wanted to post on next. It will probally be on what is really happening in the political Internet World. I will probally do that and maybe one small post on Kookdum. Anywho stay tuned and visit my blogroll while waiting. Also, for my Louisiana readers I thought I might take a look at Bobby Jindal's new campaign finance report that just came out to see how he is doing. I heard that Bobby is really getting his ducks in a roll as to the Shreveport and NW Louisiana vote yeaterday.

More later as I said. In the mean time again visit my blogroll. Also please please go to Conservative Cajun's post relating to the Crisis this State and this Nation faces as to Coastal Erosion. He talks about Bobby too. I am convinced that one day Bobby is going to be in a position to be on the the National GOP ticket one day.

A big Shout Out For A Bloggers Upcoming New Book

I quote and link to the blogger that the mastermind behind Subway Canaries and The Pink Flamingo quite a bit. Well besides exposing koodum that we conservatives and Republicans must battle on a daily basis, she is also a author. She writes on part on the wild west and her specialty is Wyatt Earp.

Today she has some thoughts to say on her new post on Pink Flamingo as well as some other things. I love History. But I am sad to say my knowledge of this part of our American History is shakey at times. I guess being in the South so much is focused on the the Cicil War that it gets consuming. Even though the parents of Pat Garrett that shot Billy the Kisdare buried in our old cemetary in my town. Pretty cool. Anywho she has some thoughts on the Wyatt Earp. She has a upcoming book coming out too. It will be called Travesty. So stay tuned to her blog for details.

Also she hits on a important subject again. Remember this photo.?Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That is Congressman Tancredo receiving his T-Shirt after speaking at the Fair's Tenn chapter's meeting. There are many facets to this immigration debate. Again this isn't really about illegals. The masterminds behind this whole thing want to stop almost all immigration. As they view it, America is Full. Well this is all quite a bit of nonsense and is a very dangerous policy to embark on. Pink Famingo says:

Okay, this is the most perfect example I've ever seen of the rank STUPIDITY of John Tanton, Garrett Hardin, the Pioneer Fund, Numbers USA, Planned Parenthood, and cultural eugenics - or - the chickens (oopse - roosters) are coming home to roost - only there are not enough chickens to go around. Estimates are that China, who used the Pioneer Fund's one child policy is now short some 40 million women. There are no women. India is short at least 5 million. These are the people who have promoted the anti-immigration and population control policies here - in an attempt to stop the Hispanic birth rate. The Pioneer Fund is also the bunch that created the Nuremberg Laws - the Nazi Holocaust. How much more information do you need? These people are the ones promoting all the anti-immigration. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE PROMOTING ANTI-IMMIGRATION. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE PROMOTING ANTI-IMMIGRATION There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Pink Flamingo hits this dead on. These population control people are as crazy as Al Gore. I am trying to locate an article I saw a couple of months ago on this topic. When I find it I will do some extensive commentary on it. There is a population crisis in some parts of the World. But it is not overpopulation, it is quite the opposite. Some people need to start combatting this kookiness.

Welcome To MY Blogroll

Well, it looks like its safe now to post on blogger without having to worry you will lose half your post. Time to do the post I have been promising before this mess started. That is the new additions to my blogroll

First some Louisiana additions.

We Saw That blog looks to be a fun blog to add. My Louisiana bloggers are a tad more diverse in political thought than the rest of my blog roll. I Saw That looking at his link page promises to be a fun find. He seems to be fairly in the wing of the Pat Buchanan part of political thought. Good grief. However they seems like nice folks . Their blog is pretty well written and also they are from Alexandria Louisiana down in Rapides Parish. I desperatley need a blog from that region too that is good. Alexandria if you look on a map is smack dab in the middle of the state. Often people in the Louisiana bash this area. I think that is unfair. I had many good times there(Maryhill, the Bayview Yacht Club, The cotton Gin, - Oh the memories). But besides that it is a pretty fascinating area of the state. So we shall be linking him a good bit.

Birth of a Soldier is sort of a cool blog out of Lafayette Louisiana. I love Mil Blogs. There are many MilBLogs that are done by parents of Servicemen. I have been thinking of adding one when Cajun Conservative brought this one to may attention. This mom is is the proud mother of a serviceman now in the US Army. So go by and say hello

Internet Esquire is another blog I am giving a shout out too today. I had mention him earlier but forgot to add him to blogrolling. I like this blog alot. He politics appear to liberatian leaning. He has some great essays though on tons of topics. His post on immigration andthe minumum wage have been quite good. This one is a good add to any blogroll

I am adding two related sites today. Wild Turkey Forum is a blog that characterizes itself as News, politics and current events for the mainstream center-right. I like that. There needs to be more of that voice heard. Some so called "conservatives" are lampooning and criticizing anyone that now doesn't drink this kool laid they are pouring out there. Like Jerome Corsi and other kooky theories. On a related note , I am putting up their Conservative Forum that is quite good. That is Wild Turkeys. Net. When I was trying to figure out what what happened to Clown Posse after they were shut down, by the wayClown Posse is now located here, I located this forum and found it very interesting. It does seem like a place where average folks that are conservatives can discuss things without getting flamed every 5 seconds. I am still a poster at Free Republic and enjoy it. But I believe to many average conservatives, the atmosphere there might not be foreveryone. Hate to say it but when people like me are called liberals, open border trolls, rinos, etc etc, what other conclusion can you get. If you go to FR be prepared for full body contact. I like that but for some it might mot be their cup of tea. This forum engages in some good debate and is fun too without perhaps some of the drawbacks one might find at other places. Anywho check both places out.

Loom of Time is another blog I am adding. He contacted me and I have enjoyed reading his archives. He also tells like he sees it and has some pretty good analysis too.

New Feature on Pondering American

I have now on my computer Yahoo Messenger. My contact name is of course theponderingamerican. If am at home and blogging, I am going to try remember to turn it on. So if you have Yahoo Messenger(its free) add me as a contact and say hi. This way you can chat with Pondering himself in real time. Aren't you Lucky. Perhaps Congresman Tancredo or American Caging will add me to there contact list. For some reason I am not holding my breath on that one. I will try to get one of those Yahoo Messenger Icon things to put on the side to show when I am online perhaps.

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UGHH Blogger

Well, it seems that blogger wherever it is located still hasn't made a full recovery. It has taken me forever to access the part where I type out posts. It seems though I am luckier than some. Cajun Conservative site went down because and lost 75 percent of his posts. But thanks to a blogger that is going on my list tonight(hopefully) he recovered all of his links. Also I jsut visted there and it seems that a good bit of his archive is back.

Anyway, I hope to get a few posts out tonight if Blogger lets me. This too will pass just be patient.

For your entertainment this little factoid. I remember watching the magician David Copperfield during one of his shows making the Statue of Liberty disappear. It annoyed me greatly because I couldn't figure out how he did it. I just finished watching this cool magician/illusionist on the A@E channel so it got me thinking about how David Copperfield did that trick again. It then occured to me, pondering you idiot just google it. Well Viola! How did David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty vanish?

There is Something maybe ROTTEN About American Caging out of Houston.

In this whole minuteman fence scam, I have made repeated references to American Caging out of Houston. What I have learned the past week is even more troublesome. Attention any reporters that are hungry and might be looking to be break something big. Send me a email.

You see this goes way beyond a fence. This goes way beyond the minutemen or the immigration issue. Want to know why Bush is being attacked from so called "conservatives"? Well this in its own small way is a part of it. If you are smart you can use this story to start a discussion about how certain people operate on both sides of the aisle. It could put your name in lights perhaps if you worked the angle right. It also might give your media outlet some satifaction, because folks at CNN are going to look like fools in this in the end for not doing some simple checks on google for a few hours.

Moving on. Right now, I am on a computer that is still on ancient dial up. I am bungling along and just by sheer effort and much time am finding things by accident. If I had such great assets as Lexis/Nexis, like the reporters do I would be rocking.

There is something incredibly strange happening with this out of the way direct mail, fundraising, and caging company called American Caging. It is related to all this Keyes/Deiner/Shelton/Greene mess too. Very involved. For reasons I am trying to confirm, I suspect the Houston paper might have misgivings approaching this subject.

Anyway, give me a shout out on email. I am reluctant to put some of this info I know on my blog until, I can get to Houston myself and spend a day or two confirming some stuff. I am trying to avoid that 12 hour round trip myself. But I will do it if no paper or media in the MSM wants to investigate it. There could be nothing there. Then again there could be alot. My only request is that you consider giving a shout out to some folks on a couple of conservative forums and another blogger that has been working hard to try to expose this mess. In fact one I suspect got shut down for a bit because they were exposing. IF that is true be sure to be mention that. Notice, I said conservative. The liberal blogs and forums don't seem to care much. So, I would like it to be known that not all Republicans and conservatives fit nicely into the sterotype that so often people try to put us in. OF course the liberal have similar problems over on their side that they don't want exposed to the light of day.

So anywho, give me a shout out. I know some newspapaers have been by because I have seen the incoming IP connections

Thank God Back Up

Well it seems blogger has gone though its usual fits and allowed me to access my blog again. I am so behind in what I wanted to post its frustrating.

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Sorry for the Lack of Posts

I have been having problems with blogger again. That seems to be occuring with many people this week. Till tonight

More on Minutegate Breaking Again

The adding to the Blogroll post will come out tomorrow morning. The Washington Times hits the Minutemen again pretty hard on the Fence scam again. This will be coming out in this morning papers. It is amusing to me to see how various media outlets and bloggers are reacting to this. Perhaps before they made the Minutemen the Lord and Savior of the Country they should have examined this more closely. The warning signs were there. Anyway, many people in these internet forums are staying up late nowadays to see what is reported in that mornings papers. then the wildest debate occurs to which I have just finished watching. I have some commentary after the Editoral and some observations you might find interesting.

As supporters of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, we were disheartened to read Jerry Seper's front-page article Thursday about questions and criticisms of President Chris Simcox's management of the organization. According to the article, the volunteer group has not made any financial statements or fundraising records public since April 2005 -- circumstances that have strained relations between Mr. Simcox and several of his top employees, some of whom have resigned in protest.
Mr. Simcox must resolve these problems quickly. Failure to do so would only encourage the organization's critics -- who have made no secret of their desire to see the Minuteman volunteers arrested for vigilantism. But more importantly, according to Mr. Simcox's estimate, Americans have donated $1.6 million to the corps because they believe in their mission to secure the southern border. In return, the least they should expect is transparency and the assurance that their donations went to help the volunteers in the field. But the truth is that no one except Mr. Simcox knows how much money has been donated and what it has been used for.
So far, Mr. Simcox has been unable to come up with a good explanation -- at least one that can be independently verified. And while he insists the money went to help field operations, workers at these locations tell a different story. For instance, Vern Kilburn, who resigned earlier this year as director of operations for the organization's northern Texas sector, told The Washington Times that only two checks for $1,000 came from Minuteman headquarters in October and that other directors across the country "are having similar problems." Some volunteers said that money promised by Mr. Simcox for food and supplies never arrived. "An awful lot of equipment I saw was donated," said Mike Gaddy, who resigned last year after serving as director of operations in New Mexico.
Part of the problem, say the critics, is that Mr. Simcox decided to route donations through the Herndon-based Declaration Alliance, founded by conservative activist Alan Keyes. According to Mr. Simcox, the Declaration Alliance will give the Minuteman group the resources required to maintain the movement through mass mailings, public relations and the ability to conduct "a fully accredited and independent audit." That's all fine, except that Mr. Simcox has not disclosed how much he's paying the Declaration Alliance for its services nor how that money is being used.
It's interesting to note from the article how those who have resigned from Minuteman over differences with Mr. Simcox nevertheless reiterate their belief in the organization's mission. Indeed, if that mission is to continue, Mr. Simcox must get Minuteman's financial house in order

Let me say that this op ed piece from the Washington Times is sort of not going far enough and telling people what they really know. They know that 70 to 80 cents on the dollar went to Washington Fundraising groups and companies of William Greene. Notice William Greene is not mentioned in this little Editorial. Trust me there are reason why that is not occuring. TO be frank, The Wash. Times I expect is a tad afraid to mention the Soros of the Republican and Conservative movement. However, I will give them credit they have more guts than the other so called mainstream press. My respect for the Washington Times has gone up a great deal. But the Washington Times better get over their problems with mentioning Mr Greene's and Mr Sheldon's name. It is not all Alan Keyes.
You see something is far more at risk here. If the New York Times and other papers would get off their collective butts they could blow this whole fundraising scam that occurs as to many issues to Kingdom come. We shall see. It is amusing to watch. I must say, the reaction of the conservative blogs on this issue is a little disheartening. This is not going away guys. I thought we were suppose to be the watch dogs?
Stayed tuned, there is a bunch of curious accounting that is taking place in order to try to put the money back I bet.

By the way what was Simcox doing tonight? From a Poster on FR
Corsi and Simcox are on with George Noory tonight. It's a globalist plot! Kill the unions! Those horrible globalist, capitalist companies like Walmart are scheming to destroy America. Corsi comes off like a socialist shill decrying capitalism and lionizing unions as the savior of the middle class. Every time he opens his mouth, his credibility drops again. I'm headed off to get some sleep. The blather being speweed isn't worth the sleep being lost.
71 posted on 07/25/2006 12:31:25 AM PDT by Myrddin

George Noory replaced Art Bell if you didnt know. THese are the people that some conservatives say we should follow.

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Blogroll Additions Coming Up

I am going to do a new Welcome to my blogroll edition tonight. I was going to post an entry on how bloggers are getting paid off but I shall wait till tomorrow on that. I am trying to keep my post per day reasonable so people might read them all before heading off somewhere else.Tommorw the Internet article, A twofer on Kookdum dealing with the cesspool radio show and Little Geneva. Also perhaps a political update and some Louisana news. Also of course what people are doing that I link too.

A Thought on How Louisiana Bloggers and Others Can do Something For Our Troops.

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I have been giving some thought on how perhaps bloggers in Louisiana can do something special for our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. This would involve also working with Bloggers from other particular States or regions.

It does seem that our Servicepeople are able to watch their favorite College Football Teams way over in the warzone. In fact from what I have read, this has been a favorite activity during the fall months. I was entertaining the thought that perhaps we could arrange something special for ou Louisiana guys and gals for one of these viewing events. This would be along the lines of shipping for instance LSU or other College items, special food items that are local, perhaps a football signed by the team, jerseys and things of that nature. Perhaps a live radio hookup from a local station could be arranged so they could say hi to buddies and familes listening at home. This would be held in cooperation with Bloggers that support the other team we might be playing. They would do the same. Thus making the event more fun for them. We need someone on the ground there to help on that end as to logistics. Also it would have to be in probally one of the bigger camps or where there is a likehood that there are good numbers of fans of those teams represented.

My thoughts are that a LSU game is a must just because it is viewed as the State Team in many ways and is more likely to be broadcast. But I think that Louisiana Tech and ULL should be considered also. I know Tech at least is occasionally Broadcast and should be able to be picked up Ditto for ULL.

This is the LSU football lineup

Sep. 2
Sep. 9
Sep. 16
@ Auburn
Sep. 23
Sep. 30
Miss. State
Oct. 7
@ Florida
Oct. 14
Oct. 21
Fresno St.
Nov. 4
@ Tennessee
Nov. 11
Nov. 18
Ole Miss
Nov. 25
@ Arkansas

Now like all games there will be several problems. One is that of course these games can be switched from afternoon to night and Vice Versa pretty quickly. Also some guessing as well as research has to be had in determing which games will be broadcast and to be able to be received in Iraq. Do they have ESPN Gameday there? Anywho my thoughts are this. The first LSU game is against ULL. That would be a great one to do. Also easier to get help on. Problems are it will not be televised on a regular television network. However, if I recall LSU has broadcast similar games like this through that Tiger Vision like service through satellite. The other problem is that this date is fast approaching. But there is still time. I suspect the other games are hot prospects too.

Louisiana Tech-
September 2
at Nebraska
September 16
Nicholls State
September 23
at Texas A&M
September 30
at Clemson
October 7
at Boise State
October 14
October 21
Utah State
October 28
at San Jose State
November 4
at North Texas
November 11
at Hawaii
November 18
November 24
Fresno State
December 2
at New Mexico State
Now of course some of these games really catch my eye. Of Course Nebraska and Texas AM strike me as games that pretty easy to get. The Nebrask game is currently scheduled for 3:30 which would put it in the late hours in Iraq but that might be a advantage. Also I believe that Fresno Game very likely could be televised and could be a very big game depending on how the WAC plays out. Note I live close to Tech and could handle the logistics for this pretty easy for stuff that needs to be done on this end.


Sept. 2
at Louisiana State
Sept. 9
at Texas A&M
Sept. 23
NORTH CAROLINA A&T6th Annual Herbert Heymann Classic
Sept. 30
Oct. 7
at Houston
Oct. 18
at Florida Atlantic*Nationally Televised on ESPN2
Oct. 28
MIDDLE TENNESSEE*61st Homecoming
Nov. 4
at Troy*
Nov. 11
Nov. 18
at Florida International*
Nov. 25
Dec. 2

Now of course we mentioned the LSU game earlier. Again same applies. We do see a game that ESPN2 has committed to that will be national. I am not sure if the Sunbelt conference has some thing similar to WAC Tv or not. Again getting a signal picked up over there is the key.

Ok so I think you see where I am going with this. I am not ignoring ULM, or Southern, or Grambling, or Tulane in this proposal. IF there is is interest and those games are some how televised and a signal can get to Iraq that could be done too.

If there is enough interest I can set up a seperate blog for this activity. If this develops one game can be planned for each school or more. I tmight be nice to do more than one because that would spread the wealth some over there in different camps. I think what is needed for this to work is the following. One blogger to take one of this schools under his wing and help head up the efforts of all the bloggers that want to work for that particular team on this project. Hopefully it would be one that is near it and is a alumni. That would help getting all the goodies from the atheletic department and other areas to send over. Thre is a lot that can be done to make this special depending on how far you want to go with it. Then there needs to a Iraq or Afghan located alum on the other side. Just in a sense to spread the word and all the stuff can be delievered too.

Now it seems that we could get a lot of help with this also from the Sports forums on the internet. Such as for instance as for LSU.

If there is interest leave a comment with a email or perhaps send me a email. I am not asking that you sign up for any particular responsibilty right now but just to gage interest. Also, if we can decide what games would be good choices we can start contacting our counterparts that are bloggers from those schools.

Sometimes it seems that we have forgotten about those that are serving us and something like this could very well make a Soliders week. Also, this might be a good thing to do so we fellow Louisiana Bloggers can get to know each other and also network some. This alone has benefits that could make us as a blogging community in this State more helpful and in fact revelant to what is going on in our communities.

Governor Mike Huckabee Gets It.

This Entry has been updated see bottom of Post

Mike Huckabee for President Blog has a outstanding post on his guy. I am going to post it in full and add my commentary at the end. But go to his blog and check out his other articles he includes in this post.
It was one year ago that Federal immigration officials raided a poultry processing plant in Arkandelphia, Arkansas, rounded up and deported over 100 undocumented immigrants.The problem was that they left all the immigrants' children stranded in the United States without their parents.We knew from sources on the ground that the majority of the local community of Arkadelphia, a tiny town in Southwest Arkansas, was very upset by the raid because the people who were rounded up and deported were not a problem in the community, but rather an important part of it. They were friends at church, their kids were friends at school, they played baseball, football and soccer together, and the immigrants filled important jobs in the community and paid taxes, rented housing from local landlords and shopped in locally-owned businesses.

Now a year later the Los Angeles Times has done us the favor of publishing a great follow-up article that really gets to the heart of the immigratation problem in America. We at the blog see it this way... it is very much like the old line about Congress. Ask anyone what they think of Congress and they'll say its is a mess. But ask them what they think about their own Congressman, and they'll say "Oh, he's great."We think that is what is happening with the immigration debate. People make 'they sky is falling' predictions about the proglem illegal immigrants represent for America, but when it comes to actually rounding up and deporting the immigrants in their own communities, it's a different story.Governor Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist minister, a conservative, and a strong Christian leader, is able to look past all the rhetoric to see that we cannot simply round up and summarily deport more than 12 million illegal immigrants. Not only would that be logistically impossible, but it would also rip the heart out of thousands of communities all over the country -- and U.S. citizens won't stand for it.Bear in mind that Gov. Huckabee is against illegal immigration and wants our borders secured. What he insists upon, however, is that once the immigrants have made it here we must treat them like human beings -- with dignity and consideration for their children and for their communities. It is a complicated problem that requires leadership -- not just blind, heartless enforcement.Realizing that hard-liners will never be won over on this subject, it is up to the rest of us to make sure America does not do something here that we one day regret.We highly recommend that you read our original posts on this subect (click HERE) and then hop on over to the Los Angeles Times' follow-up story (click HERE).

Ok time for my rant. Attention all Catholics that are reading my Blog. The mass going Catholic vote is very important as we saw in the last election. This man deserves your serious attention. I know if you are like me we are also seeing what Senator Brownback is going to do. To have a Catholic in high political office that is not an embarrasement to the faith is tempting. I am not writing him off. But to be honest, I am starting to need some clues he is going to make a serious run at this job. Anything. I mean I know its early but does Brownback even have a PAC in Iowa like everyone else? Perhaps, I missed it but I don't think so. Also, it appears a lot of important people are being hired away up there. If Senator Brownback thinks he is just going to get peoples votes because he is from a neighboring state, I think he is mistaken. Also I am not writing off the other folks like Allen, Romney , McCain, etc at this point.

However, I don't know if my fellow Catholics have noticed but the Church has taken quite a beating among many so called "conservatives" in the extreme anti immigration camp. Yeah , I know I don't like Cardinal Mahoney much either. But it has been much more than that. I frankly am getting pretty damn sick of it. Some of the stuff posted out there on the Catholic Church and immigration is garbage. I find it interesting that the border bots are going after Huckabee. That grabs my attention.

Folks ,Catholic or otherwise, I think Huckabee is a man of conviction and a man that is quite similar to George Bush. He is similar because he does what his gut tells him to do and doesn't listen to every other focus group like Clinton did when deciding policy. Huckabee has this weird idea that this immigration issue is going to affect a lot of people. Real people. People that are made in the image of God. We can call them invaders, criminals, etc ,etc, all we want but when we do so we just commit sin in my view if that is only how we view these people. Does this make Huckabee a member of the Open Border Lobby or some other silly name. Of course not. However, he is talking about the problem honestly and taking a political risk here. Unlike others I have seen (cough Cough Gov Romney) that seem to be going to the red meat crowd. I saw a post the other day on a forum. It said build the Wall and deport them all big and small. You know, I just don't get that. How can we talk with integrity on some important issue like stem cell research and the dignity of life, when we allow those statements to be said and be acceptable. There are of course many that need to be deported. But it is beyond me how deporting someone that has been here since the age of two is a good thing. Can we even consider that some consideration should be made of the those families that would be broken up. Isn't that pro-life? Isn't that pro-family? Isn't that Biblical? Are we not commanded to do that?

Well Huckabee seems to think that should be considered. That attitude will help conservatives a lot more in the long run than this Tancredo viewpoint. It is a viewpoint and a way of thinking that goes much beyond this immigration issue. It is a thought process that is friendly to the Culture of Life and opposed to the Culture of Death. Again he is much like George Bush. I think Catholics especially need to start looking at him. I think Catholic bloggers need to interview him. I would like to see him get a invite up to the Franscican University up in Steubenville Ohio to talk to the students. I would like to seem him talked about in Catholic circles.

Plus he can win. I have no doubt of that. It appears that his unofficial campaign has been pretty good so far. Plus can you imagine if Hillary got the nomination. We could be the ones saying "I still believe in a Place called Hope". What great irony. I am still open to the other people in the race. But Huckabee has gotten my attention.

I can't leave this topic without mentioning this post that is also referenced on the blog. This screams what Catholic Conservative and Catholic Republican political thought should be in my view. What should Catholic political thought be. You disagree? Well if I may ask you to go your New Catechism. Also go to the new online Compendium that is now online(link at todays welcome to my blogroll post). Go to the section that talks about Government, Dignity of the human Person and Family. Go to the the part that talks about what a Governments duties are. By the way that is not under some section called "Catechism suggestions". That is the Teaching of Holy Mother Church. Here are some excerpts from this great article he posted.

My faith means I can’t ignore the poorest kid in the community. Sometimes maybe that confuses Republicans who are only concerned about how we preserve wealth, but I’ve also got to be concerned about preserving people at the bottom end of this country.“Faith makes me think about the young mother who is getting battered. You can’t ignore her. Faith makes me think about that elderly couple that’s deciding how they’re going to cut their medicine in half to make it last all month, or the young couple struggling with debt for things they can’t afford.”Huckabee adds: “I earn the right to push for a strong pro-life agenda only by making sure I’m concerned about poverty, hunger and homelessness. If I don’t care about those issues, then my faith is incomplete.”

Do you care about a kid who is hungry? Do you care about a family that lives in a shack without running water and a sewer that runs out the back of their house? If I don’t care about that, I don’t have the right to care about abortion. I’ve not earned the right to talk about the structure of the family

“I want to push those in the Christian community who are involved in politics to realize their faith has to embrace a great deal more than one or two issues. It really has to cover a much broader spectrum. If it doesn’t, then I understand the resentment of the left” toward religious conservatives

Good Grief, he is speaking for us Catholics that largely voted for Bush. It is called compassionate conservatism. I still don't think that is dirty word by the way as some do now. To get all relgious on you again, I almost consider it a Biblical mandate in some ways. This is a vote getter folks. This nastiness that we are experiencing if carried over into 2008 will kill us among the voters. People vote for hope not despair and negativity.

Note- Senator Brownback please give me a clue that you are running or I am about to start a Catholic for Huckabee group. This man speaks for many us of Mass going Catholics and is a winner in my view. Other Hopefuls- Allen, Romney etc take note also.

A Look around my Blogroll

Before I post anything else , lets see what my Blogroll is saying.

American Papist has some good finds over the weekend. Including that Iran is running commercials saying that Pepsi actually means "'pay each penny to save Israel". Also he notes the compendium to the new Catechism is online and provide links. Great source.

Bandit36 my blogger from Iraq notes some stuff we need to pay attention too. First look at these polls about the Iraqi peoples views. Also he gives us a update on how we are achieving victory in Iraq. I thought this was interesting how he starts out that post: It's Monday and B36 News is back at it. I've been thinking lately how the recent focus on Israel in the MSM is affecting their coverage of the war here in Iraq and I've come to the conclusion that not covering the immense progress that we're making here is better than inflating the setbacks. You know I am getting tired of how many conservatives and liberals down all arabs, persians and muslims over there. If I hear one more time people ask when they are they going to start standing up to militant Islam, I think I am going to scream. Look at your TV. Yesterday 55 Iraqis died in one day. But yet somehow they keep drudging along toward that goal of freedom. Same with Lebanon. I keep hearing how the Lebanese needs to stand up to the terrorist. Amen to that. (Note I support Israel). But before people start trashing the Lebaese people take a look at whats been happening the last two years there. A lot of Lebanese have dies and took heroic stands standing up and trying to bring change. Perhaps, they can get a shout out in memoral. Well look at me rant. Anyway go to his post and see what really is happening.

Baseball Crank on the topic of Israel and the conflict speaks how refreshing the Presidents public views are on this subject.

Called As Seen has a set of good post as always. I suggest checking out his entire blog. This entry on the the new musings of William Buckley is particually good. I am sure the left will make a lot of hay out it by the way. But I really like his point on how Bush is a leader and not a sock puppet.

Let me give a big shout out ot one my Louisiana Bloggers Paw Paw's House. He has been keeping us updated on his trip through Texas. Texas is awesome for a vactation. It is amazing how diverse it is. Anywho Paw PAw is on the border down at Laredo and makes some good observations that are quite timely. He has several posts so go see. He had this post regarding his observations on the border that is interesting. Me thinks however that Mrs Paw Paw was ready to get her husband out of there. Especially after this observationThe women are beautiful, but not in the over-makeup, boob-job American sense. They are women as God intended them to be. I don't know who this young lass is and it doesn't matter. She showed up in a photo I was taking of the street. Young, soft curves, delicate features in the morning light. She was shopping and she is representative of the young women who cross the bridge every morning. The older ladies have a soft dignity born of life. There is nothing artificial about them. What you see is what they are. I thought we were all going to get all sort of Anne Rice Erotica like there for a sec , but Paw PAw kept it strictly G.

Last but not least Pink Flamingo has got some good post up as usual. She gets a ton of output out on her blog. Plus she has great grammer and spelling which you can tell I do not. This her Saturday post that is full of info. You can agree with her or not. But she puts info out there that demand to be considered. Tons of info there, especially on the immigration issue.

Anyway there is much more on the blogroll to see. I could go on and on. But Since this is my day off, I want to get some post up today and enough for tomorrow. So stay tuned including for my post on what is really happening in the political internet World.

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