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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Welcome to Bloglist

Let me continue in introducing a few blogs that are being added to my blog list. They are a pretty good read and I go to them daily.

Big Lizards is an excellent blog. I have quoted from him twice today so the into will be brief here. This blog is exceptionally well written and hits many topics that are in current events. I have learned much from his post whether they be on immigration, Iraq, or North Korea.

The Strata Sphere is another political blog that I enjoy. Its a good political blog partly because it doesn't open up saying "Michelle Malkin says" or echos the sometimes rants of the unhinged far right. I like Malkin at times but this year her analysis has been grating. He is also a member of the Coalition of the Chillin which is nice. Strata ,among others in the coalition ,realized that the formation of the Gang of 14 did not mean the end of the world as to confirming Bush's conservative judges. If you have forgotten, some our conservative brothers and sisters were having quite a fit over how Republicans , such as Graham and McCain, had come together in a compromise with a few other Democrats. Well, some bloggers were just irate. However, the record speaks for itself, the compromise worked and Bush's judges got confirmed. This also marks the day where many conservatives felt that Bush and others must pay heed to their every daily post of wisdom. This can be seen in the Myers nomination, the Dubai port deal, and now in its full glory in the immigration fight.

The AmericanPapist is great Roman Catholic Blog. He is pretty up to date on whats happening with Pappa Benny and the American Church. He also engages political issues. I also like the name and how its such a fun play on an anti Catholic term.

The Pink Flamingo has another blog that will be real important to read in the future. I highlighted in an earlier post today. This blog in part will highlight how the GOP and Conservatives are being used by certain folks. Her new blog is called The Subway Canaries. I think Ronald Reagan is approving of her effort from above. I am also willing to bet that she believes in this weird world view that conservatives that have 90 to 100 percent rating from the American Conservative Union cannot be called rinos(Republicans in Name Only).

Midnight in Iraq is a milblogger I am adding. He is a Marine currently in Fallujah, Iraq . I must confess , I feel bad that I have not posted enough on these brave bloggers posting from the front lines. His writing is great and he is giving us insight from insurgent central. Perhaps a certain congressman from Pennsylvania should read his blog.

Two last blogs that I wish to post for the night. I have blogs for Huckabee and Brownback on my list. I felt it was time to put a blogger for Romney on the list. First, there is quite a good blog called Elect Romney in 2008. He seems to be in the middle of things in that effort. Also I have noted that if there is a Catholic blog supporting someone I would put it up. So here is Catholics for Romney. I have an interest in that Blog because I am considering Romney, but I still as they say "have issues". Well we shall explore the 08 hopefuls together.


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Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

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