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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thank You Mr President Thank You

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Today I was to going write the first of three post on the immigration issue and the dirty underbelly that no one wants to talk about that is associated with it. . That "come to Jesus" meeting that conservatives so badly need can wait a day. The President is Iraq right now meeting with our friend and partner who are engaged in this saga between good and evil . I have just heard the speech he gave to our troops and am pretty much overcome with emotion. It something to grasp that a bunch of mostly18 to 22 year old men and women have more of a grasp of reality and what is at stake than many of the American people and its leaders.

I will post more later. But thank you Mr President. Thank you for being a leader. Thank you for not leading and not consulting every opinion poll. Thank you for realizing that prime obligation of the President of the US is not to be loved but to serve and protect. Thank you that even when your so called "friends" and your supposed base here in the US are sniping at you that you just keep on going and slugging it out. How do you do it President Bush? How do you do it when your friends have even deserted you in hopes of short term political gain? I think I know the answer. Its called conviction and service. Your dad taught you and Jeb well. By the way Happy Birthday President George H Bush. I bet you can have no better President than seeing what your son is doing today. More later, its time to enjoy the moment.


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