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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some Folks Get IT

I promise that immigration will not be the sole focus of this blog. But this issue is one that I will be talking about a good bit. Why? Because the stakes are so high. It does my heart good to see that another blogger is investigating this too. Look at what the Pink Flamingo has to say:.It so good I will excerpt quite a bit.

"The father and mastermind behind the anti-immigration movement. Never doubt it has ANYTHING to do with illigal immigration. It has everything to do with being anti-immigration. This where the whole movement is going. "Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah, afterward offered for the Salt Lake Tribune his insight into the Tantonesque mindset: "They are anti-immigrant because they don't like Mexicans coming here and having big families with babies that don't die, that grow up and participate in our society."
Tancredo's hands are not squeeky clean by any account. Here's an expose on he and others who are
dealing with these people. Tancredo is a disciple of Samuel Huntington. And this article from the known racist Center for Immigration Studies is by conservative darling Mark Kirkorian. Doesn't anyone get it yet? Now you may think all of this sounds well and good, but does it?
Okay, let's try it this way.
Taunton is big into Planned Parenthood. They sponsor ABORTIONS. He also assisted in the formation of China's one child policy. More ABORTIONS. Yet our RINO conservatives who are so anti abortion that in South Dakota now, a child who has been raped and is pregnant can no longer have an abortion. But they are enraptured about Taunton because he tells them what they want. I call this Intellectually Dishonest. Don't you? There have been 38 million abortions in the US alone, since Roe v. Wade. These have been advocated by Planned Parenthood, supported by John Taunton. He has the blood of 38 million babies on his hands. Yet the RINO conservatives embrace his other anti-immigration causes. Yet people who support the right to life like Tancredo, Rush, O'Reilly and Hannity are supporting Taunton and his causes. I don't know about you, but I don't support baby killers. They can. I don't. Now, who is the true Conservative Rush or Lindsey who doesn't associate with these people? I knew Tancredo has been cleaning up his racist act, but haven't been able to prove it until now.
"Tanton and his groups also have close ties to
Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), a leading supporter of stricter immigration rules, including a FAIR-supported five-year moratorium on many forms of legal immigration [The Washington Post, 3/25/05]. The Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call described NumbersUSA legislative analyst Rosemary Jenks as "a close Tancredo ally in the immigration reform movement" [1/12/04]. A 2003 article (written by Max Blumenthal, now a Media Matters research fellow) also noted Tancredo's extensive connections to both Tanton and white nationalist activists:
Tancredo also enjoys star status among the white-collar anti-immigrationists of Tanton's network who have courted his support, donating $5,000 to his 2002 campaign through FAIR's U.S. Immigration Reform PAC and thousands more in personal donations. Leaders in Tanton's network have long sought a foothold on Capitol Hill and, through Tancredo, it appears their hopes have been realized.
The close working relationship between the Tanton network and Tancredo is most apparent on the Web site for the congressman's Immigration Reform Caucus. When Salon interviewed Tancredo earlier this year, the Web site contained links to FAIR, NumbersUSA, CIS and virtually every other Tanton creation. It also contained a link to VDare, a white nationalist Web site run by British writer Peter Brimelow that is named after Virginia Dare, the first white child born in the New World. When asked about the link, Tancredo was befuddled and indignant.
After the article's publication, Tancredo scrubbed all links to outside groups from the caucus' website, though he wrote in a
letter to "I had no reason to believe that this online magazine is anything but a legitimate contributor to the vast library of resources on this vital issue. After looking over Vdare's recent work, I have not changed this opinion."

Further she notes

So determined is conservatism's nativist wing that it's even made common cause with radical environmentalists and zero-population-growth fanatics on the leftist fringe. The Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Center for Immigration Studies may strike right-wing poses in the press, but both groups support big government, mock federalism, deride free markets and push a cultural agenda abhorrent to any self-respecting social conservative.
FAIR's founder and former president is John Tanton, an eye doctor who opened the first Planned Parenthood chapter in northern Michigan. By Dr. Tanton's own reckoning, FAIR has received more than $1.5 million from the Pioneer Fund, a white-supremacist outfit devoted to racial purity through eugenics.
Board members of FAIR actively promote the sterilization of Third World women for the purposes of reducing U.S. immigration prospects. And if anything disturbs the good doctor more than those Latin American hordes crossing the Rio Grande, it's the likelihood that most of them are Catholic, or so he once told a Reuters reporter.
CIS, an equally repugnant FAIR offshoot, is a big fan of China's one-child policy and publishes books advocating looser limits on abortion and wider use of RU-486. CIS considers the Sierra Club, which cites "stabilizing world population" fourth on its 21st century to-do list, as too moderate. And like FAIR, CIS has called for a target U.S. population of 150 million, about half of what it is today.
Unlike their counterparts on the restrictionist right, these organizations don't distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. They want the border sealed as a means to a fanciful, neo-Malthusian end. Both sides, however, do share the same intellectual framework -- an overriding pessimism and lack of understanding about markets, which is why both also tend to oppose free trade

She has exactly hit it on the head. Let me also note that in my research on this issue, that I verfied much of the information that sources that she links to have said. So I am not buying the argument that just because some liberal and progressive publications have documented this makes its all balderdash. That is a argument I hear often when I bring up these disturbing facts. The bad thing is that this is the just the tip of the iceberg. It is beyond me why this is not rasing alarm bells with various groups. It seems to me that there should be a serious PRO-LIFE alert going on nationwide. The funny thing is that this isn't really a conspiracy. A conspiracy has to be hidden. I am amazed that a few bloggers using google can find this information but CNN, FOX, MSNBC, the NYT etc has not seemed to have caught any of this information. If I was still Southern Baptist I would be crashing their convention and yelling for them to wake up before its too late. A little note to all people approaching the AARP demographic. People that think like the above are not great friends of the old folks. That might need to be considered especially as to issues like Health care and Euthanasia. In Fact former Governor Lamm of Colorodo who is on the FAIR board has made some interesting comments about the duties of the elderly, aids patients, the critically ill, etc that are pretty disturbing. More on that later this week. To all Social Conservatives and Republicans let me leave you with this. WE ARE BEING USED.


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