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Friday, June 16, 2006

The Secret Vatican Plan and the Illegals(Damn we're Busted)

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Its not really "Immigration" Friday here on The Pondering American Blog, but this deserves an entire post. I commented yesterday that there was a lot of anti Catholic bile out there thats involved in the immigration debate. Its often right out there in the open. However this is so absurd it takes the cake. What is sad is that many of the claims made here are made on conservative forums, web sites, and by people involved in this debate. Its quite amazing that these people have not realized that there is serious fellowship and discussion among Catholics and Protestants/Evangelicals today, and that this stuff lost its bite -oh like in the 1930's.
Click on The Big Vatican Secret for all the details(warning- All Internet activities is being monitered by the Jesuits)

Here is an tasty excerpt:
. . the Roman Catholic Church has its own plan of reconquest. She is determined to reestablish the power she once exercised over the civil governments and populations of the world. The pope, along with the Reconquista cadre, views South, Central, and North Americas as being one "from Argentina to Alaska." On several occasions, Pope John Paul II has "consecrated" this "America" to "Our Lady of Guadalupe." The Mexican people streaming across America's porous southern border are Roman Catholics. It is in the interest of the Vatican to establish as many Roman Catholics as possible in the United States of America. The pope and his partners in spiritual crime care little how the job is done—whether illegally or legally—just so it is done.

Sorry, I don't have more time to comment on this post. I am already late for my Knights of Columbus car bomb class tonight. Perhaps later.


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