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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Risky Bet on Immigration: House GOP leaders' stall could backfire

There are truly other topics I wish I could devote my time too. This whole immigration debate is getting quite tiresome and depressing. I wish I could be talking more about our victories and what is at stake on the WOT. The situation in Korea is one that I wish to explore. However, this immigration debate right now is one that is so important on so many levels. There is of course the issue of treating familes and people with human respect and getting a solution that works. However, there is a cold political issue at stake here. That is GOP control of the House and the Executive. I have observed Democrats view on how we should be prosecuting the WOT this past week. I have come to the firm conclusion that this current DEM leadership can't be allowed to be in charge of that debate. Thats why this immigration debate is so important. IF we get it wrong, there will be consequences far beyond immigration issues.

Risky Bet on Immigration: House GOP leaders' stall could backfire is an editoral that is today's Dallas newspaper. Because items from the Dallas paper seems to have a habit of disappearing off the net after a few months(file not found 404 error), I will quote the whole thing:
"The Republicans running the House may not be as smart as they think they are. They may have misread the public mood, which prompted them to press GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert to put off immigration negotiations with the Senate until September. They also may have misread some in their very own party. A poll being released today by the conservative Manhattan Institute and conducted by the Republican Tarrance Group shows most of the 800 likely GOP voters questioned want a solution now, even one that deals with the 12 million illegal immigrants here. Some of those surveyed even will accept a plan they consider amnesty. Those views are much more in line with the legislation the Senate has put on the negotiating table. That bill, which passed with Republican and Democratic votes, adds agents to the border, offers many illegal immigrants a chance to earn citizenship and creates a guest worker program for future foreign workers. The Senate plan doesn't focus on a wall, like the House bill, nor does it call for deporting illegal immigrants. But Mr. Hastert has ignored these voices and gone with his party's most vocal immigration opponents. It's no coincidence that the fall elections are fast approaching. We would never suggest that this very vocal group isn't part of the GOP. But the Manhattan Institute poll makes clear it isn't the only voice in the party. And it certainly isn't the only voice in America. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll last week shows that, by 50 percent to 33 percent, Americans prefer the broad solution that President Bush has outlined and that the Senate largely adopted. Those Americans may not get any action, thanks to Mr. Hastert's go-slow approach. The House wants to hold immigration field hearings in August, start negotiations in September and, if we're really lucky, wrap up after November's elections. That's putting a lot off until the fall, when partisan tensions will run even higher and the schedule will get compressed. It's hard to see how a final bill gets wrapped up this year.
House Republicans are gambling the public won't mind at all, but they're placing that bet at the public's expense – and maybe their own.

I have been saying this for months. When I am hanging with friends or having dinner with folks this issue comes up. There is anger at illegal immigration ,but I find after a meal and a few beers most people have a view similar to the Presidents Of course that is to the say the least a very unscientific poll and won't be on FOX but its my experience. I want to highlight this "Mr. Hastert has ignored these voices and gone with his party's most vocal immigration opponents.It's no coincidence that the fall elections are fast approaching. We would never suggest that this very vocal group isn't part of the GOP. But the Manhattan Institute poll makes clear it isn't the only voice in the party". But its the only voice the politicians hearr on the news and talk radio. There is a reason for that. Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin do not pay the rent at the end of the month by talking about non sexy issues like Social Security Reform or what should be the Federal Reserve's monetary policy. No talking head show on cable news is going to have two people screaming their heads off at each other on such issues as the role of Nato in the 21st century or what to do about Tawain. The Dubai port deal controversy was a revelation to me. Consulting firms, direct mail, radio hosts, and other groups saw an opportunity and went for it. They made a buck and damn the consequences to our foreign policy. There are other voices right in blog land that are speaking out and ignored. I have highlighted them. I would love to see Michelle Malkin, who has a profit motive in these bloodfights, square off against some one like the Anchoress on these "news shows". I expect at the end Mrs Malkin would be wishing she was in a Japanesee Internment camp than having that experience again on national tv.
I know that perhaps I should not be that hard on Malkin. But maybe I should. HEr words are influencing many people that take what she says as gospel. In the end those words could have great affect. What I really want is that voice that the Dallas paper is talking about to be heard

These polls will be attacked in quite a concerted attack tomorrow. Just put "illegal immigration" in google and hit enter. You will notice that you have to go throught 3 or 4 pages before getting to much news that is not associated with these extremist groups. I have to admit, I admire what they have done in terms of political tricks. Its brilliant and they caught us sleeping. Its just like when you put in the terms "Jesuit oath" in google. You have to go through 4 pages of anti catholic bile before getting to the truth. Tomorrow these polls will be shot down and a flurry of propaganda will be unleashed to overwhelm this news story.

Strata sphere said this :
Those wedded to this simple minded solution have never once been called to explain all the ramifications - how they would execute and pay for this 'cleansing'. And they never once explained what would happen if their was resistance (e.g., Elian Gonzales) by families and neighbors. There would be human shields surrounding these good people because THEY ARE GOOD PEOPLE! Not all immigrants are bad or do bad things.

He has hit on the head. This is not by first excursion into politics. I have been going door to door for politicians on many of a hot humid summer day here in Louisiana. I think I have some insight on the public. That is we are a complaining and cynical bunch at times. I have heard people complain about the President because of their water bill, and complain about the city councilman because of noise from the Air Force base. The public , the masses, will not blame themselves when something like a combination of the an concentration camp and the trail of tears occurs. That is reality. For instance, in Louisiana, currently I can find few people that voted for Governor Blanco or Bill Clinton even though they both won by rather good margins here. When things go bad the public turns away from it. This will happen to us as we deport or starve millions and break up familes that have American children in them. All of this live on CNN. Currently CNN, is on the border it seems 24/7. Lou Dobbs might as well be a minuteman. But when this turns ugly what will occur will be like the feeding the Christians to the Lions. Except it will be the GOP that will be eaten. Cnn and others will be leading the way. The result very well could be that in two to four years Murtha might be the leading voice on the WOT.


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