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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Please God Have Cannon Win

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Patron St Jerome and Our Lady Of Guadalupe (Patroness of the Americas) Our Lady of the Snow (Patroness of Utah)please please please pray with us for victory today

If Jacob can say that the Devil is responsible for his woes, I have no problem asking for a Cannon Victory tomorrow as my prayer intentions. If I there was a individual patron saint of Third Congressional District of Utah , of Mormons or for Republicans, I would be asking them to pray for his win too. So far the Church hasnt seen fit to declare one for those causes. However I hope you do pray in your own way because what is at stake is huge.

Frst off, I will try to update this entry at the bottom with the revelant stories from the district as they come out I expect about 3 or 4 am Central time on the net. However I can give a few observations from what I have seen. This race I feel is going to be close. Its always dangerous in a way to try to analyze a race in a district in which one does not live. There are often numerous factors that effect a race on a local level that unless someone researches the local blogs can often go unoticed by the outside media. The New Orleans Mayors race was classic example. If one had gone to the Louisiana blogs, one would have found out that because of Republican support Nagin was about to pull out a win. But I feel I can give some general observations.

First thing is that Cannon is in trouble. That does not mean defeat but it is a fact. He is currently ahead in the polls but most polls are showing a huge undecided vote. 40 percent being the average. That is not good in a primary for the incumbent. The big issue is immigration. Poor Cannon has had a bullseye on him from both Tancredo and the anti immigration Tanton forces for years. He has not had much peace. The issue will be turn out , turn out, turn out. This you can be sure, that God himself could produce a ten foot blizzard in June in that district but the people that want to send a message to Presidente Jorge Bush and all their other supposed enemies will be there with bells on. You can't keep them away. The question is can Cannon get his folks there? Will people that don't like the nastiness of this race just stay away or just pass that race up on the ballot and vote for everything else.?That happens all the time. In a fairly recent nasty Louisiana House race, 20,000 that voted in the US Senate Race decided not to vote for the House race on that same ballot. Lets pray that Cannon get out the vote operation is good. We might have some clues in the morning papers.

If Jacob wins it will be a disaster. There will be no denying it and I will not even try to spin it as otherwise. It won't matter if Jacob wins by one vote, the Tancredo and Talton forces will have their first victory in defeating a incumbent House Republican. There will be many results. The House Leadership will allow Tancredo to run more rampant and have more power. It is likely that a Jacob win will be the nail in the coffin on Bush's vison on immigration for the rest of his term. A precedent will be set where sitting Republicans will come into your district and campaign against your sitting Republican Congressman on whatever personal issue they get their thrills off of. The result-- lack of Republican unity, intra party sniping and backstabbing, and eventual loss of the house. Tancredo and Tanton and the forces of Kookdum can't be allowed this victory. It very well might signal that Bush has lost any influence with the House on controversal issues. That cannot happen

A Cannon victory will do the opposite of all the above. Tancredo will still be there but it might give Republicans hope that they can buck this insanity. It will also empower someone else a little bit. That is Congressman Mike Pence. Mike Pence who is the one of most conservative member of the House has been recentlytrashed by the Tancredo folks. Why, because he had the audacity to propose something disfferent than King Tancredo House Bill on immigration. People are making the unbelivable charge that he is a RINO. For goodness sakes Mike Pence of all people. I thought this was quote by Cannon was interesting
And last week, a local paper published an editorial cartoon titled "Primary Colors" that portrayed Cannon as black-and-blue with bruises and a puffy eye. He was holding a paper with the words "Immigration stance," and the paper was riddled with holes. So Cannon had to laugh when Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., proposed a new plan for comprehensive immigration reform just a few weeks ago only to be attacked by people on all sides of the issue. "He came to me and said, 'Chris, how have you suffered these slings and arrows for the past two years?' " Cannon recalled.

Rep Mike Pence is going places. Tancredo very well might be picking on the wrong guy here and this Dog instead of rolling over and playing dead might just bite back. A Cannon victory might help that happen. I will update this later at the bottom with links from area bloggers and papers.

Well as of 3 am Mountain time this what we have. If you wish to see a video of a recent Cannon/Jacob debate click here.

David Rodeback at his Localcommentary blog has endorsed Cannon he has a entry on his thoughts on Cannon and Jacob here HE lives outside the district but has followed the race as well as observed the debates, He also had some thoughts on the canidates going back to State Republican convention. As to the debates I found this observation interesting.
Cannon spoke intelligently about the Pence plan (an immigration compromise, of sorts), and then Jacob said he was at a disadvantage because Cannon can read the bill, whereas he has to rely on what he reads in the newspapers. Frankly, I fail to understand why a Republican congressional candidate could not just pick up the phone, call Representative Pence, and get whatever he wants inside ten minutes, including a draft of the plan (now available on the Web, but perhaps not there before the June 10 debate). Or he could read Pence's speech at the Heritage Foundation, where he described the plan in detail. is a pretty good blog that covers Utal poilitcs well. He covers a lot of the blogs and papers. He has indicated that he is a Cannon supporter. This is one to watch perhaps tomorrow night. I would hit this blog to get a good overview of the race because he seems pretty good at covering the news and political blog scene.. I found this post intriguing that deals with the Bay Buchanan/Tancredo shennigians in the race.

The Utahcentralist describes itsself as a blog in the middle. He has a list of recent articles on the race as well as his views. There is also an link to a Salt Lake's paper of Jacob


The Deseret news has a overview of todays race today here I found this interestingin the article:

A poll published over the weekend by the Deseret Morning News and KSL-TV, conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, found Cannon ahead — 46-33 percent among registered voters in the 3rd District. But 18 percent of voters remained undecided. "That's one of the highest 'undecideds' numbers I've seen so close to a primary election," said Jones, who has polled in Utah for more than 30 years. Among those who said they were "very interested" in the race, Cannon led 49-42 percent, Jones found. The outcome will likely depend on who turns out the most supporters, said Jones

Thats it for now. The papers are getting slow to get their editions on the net so I will check in later
Update II
Oh I as noted above Famous "Conservative"(yes she is our voice on the shows-yuck) Michelle Malkin has gone Kookdum today.But yesterday she posted her thoughts on Cannon, the race, etc/ I think you can guess her views. However here is a link to her latestest pronouncement.It has links to her other pearls of wisdom on this issue.


Anonymous SallyVee said...

PA, in addition to everything else you said, I personally need Cannon to win so I can stop worrying and enjoy the summer.

Case in point, I just woke up out of a sound sleep and came directly here to see what I might learn, even knowing that there is nothing yet to learn about Cannon's race.

But I see it's on your mind too. And I agree, it will be an unmitigated disaster if Jacob should win.

One possible good sign is that Chuck Muth sent out an email alert yesterday making fun of Jacob and basically saying that short of a miracle from God to offset Satan's trickery -- referring to Jacob's recent foot-in-mouth episode. Chuck Muth is one of those hardline fist pounders on immigration -- and he appeared to be trying to distance himself from Jacob. Yet I have no doubt that should Jacob win, Muth & every other hardliner will lift him up like a pillar of truth, justice and the American way.

One interesting tidbit from the Muth email:

Then Jacob was forced to admit he had his figures regarding the number of illegals in a Utah prison all wrong. On the campaign trail, Jacob had been telling audiences that 40 percent of prisoners in the Central Utah Correctional Facility were illegal aliens. This week, he had to admit that it was only 8 percent. Oops.

I'm gonna borrow your saint tonight if ya don't mind.

2:56 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Borrowaway lol. That isan interesting email. It does suprise me that Jacob was quotinga false figure. It very well might have been by mistake. There are so amny false stats going around on illegal aliens its beathtaking.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

8:58 PM  

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