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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Most Important House Race of The Year- Cannon versus Tancredo Backed Jacob

Well as I posted below the House race in Utah is getting interesting. Make no mistake it will be close. I hate to think what would happen if Cannon, a sitting Republican congressman, lost to Jacobs in the Republican primary. It would be a huge victory for the Tancredo political forces. Furthermore, it would spook the House Leadership and any chance of a comprehensive immigration bill would be dead. The fact that the Republican leadership is allowing Tancredo to do this to a fellow Republican is beyond me. This sets a very bad precedent on many levels. The Rocky Mountain News Reports on the Tancredo factor in this Utah race.
"There's a lot of personality involved here," Cannon said in an interview this week. "What we really have going on is an attempt to use a relatively small segment of energized people to gain influence and control of maybe the Republican Party. "The Republican Party is never going to be Tom Tancredo's party," Cannon said. "He's more likely to join Pat Buchanan out there" and turn independent. Tancredo might not agree with Cannon, but he is glad about how his pet issue - illegal immigrants - has come to dominate the Republican primary in southwestern Utah. "We've already won, I think," Tancredo said. "Those who care about the issue of immigration reform have achieved a great victory in that the incumbent, who should have a perfectly safe seat, is fighting for his life." Cannon is one of President Bush's closest allies on immigration issues - a longtime backer of a "comprehensive" reform package including some form of a guest-worker plan. That's one reason why pundits, national media and activists on both sides of the immigration divide view Tuesday's primary in Utah's 3rd Congressional District as a sort of referendum on, if not Tancredo, then the hard-line position that has made him famous. "Whatever decision (voters) make, Utah is going to send a mandate to Washington, D.C.," Jacob said in an interview. Jacob said that if he wins, it would mean people want an enforcement-only approach to dealing with the more than 12 million people in the country illegally. "I believe Cannon is a rubber stamp for the president. It proves Chris is not tough on illegal immigration," Jacob said. If Cannon wins, Jacob said, "You should interpret it as the country's in trouble." Cannon disagrees, and he's hoping his re-election sends a message that most Utahns reject "the extreme anti-immigrant types."

Tancredo, no matter how much he tries to deny it is of course involved in race. If I didn't live 2000 miles away, I would right now jumping down like a crazed jumping jack on a busy street in his district with a huge Cannon for Congress sign. This race will be all about turn out turn out and more turn out.

Furthermore, its my belief that if Tancredo is not punished for what he has been doing that a precedent will be set. For instance A Republican Congressman that is pro-life or pro choice might go unto other states and back and campaign against Republican congressman that hold the opposite view. This could happen on issues such as trade or any other various issue. That would affect Republican unity in a very big way in the House. If Jacob wins, then the House leadership will become even more sacred of this extremist. This situation has gotten quite embarrasing and now some of my outrage is on Speaker Hassert. The Wall Street Journal said last week
"Yet by denouncing any such compromise as "amnesty," the restrictionists have poisoned their own voters against accepting the only policy with a chance to solve the problem. When Indiana's Mike Pence, a stalwart conservative, offered a compromise that included a guest worker program, the Tancredo brigades savaged even him as endorsing "amnesty." Rather than see the Pence plan as a way out of their political mess, Mr. Hastert failed to defend him. On immigration, Mr. Tancredo is now the real speaker of the House.

This race has implications far beyond Utah. In fact a defeat of Cannon could provide a mortal blow to the President political power when working with the House.

As I have said before, the forces that are aligned against Cannon have tried this before. Tancredo, radicals at FAIR and CIS, and other anti immigrant groups gave him a fight 2 years ago. VDARE, a very to say the least troublesome site, even is repeating some of the same talking points and predictions it did two years ago.

The Speaker of the House instead of governing and working out a compromise on this immigration issue is delaying. He is talking about a immgration roadshow this summer in order to get we are told American views. Please , immigration horror show is more like it. Every day these extremists and elements of kookdom are on the Talks shows, the radio , etc, more nastiness is brought forth. How long can this continue before we start doing mortal danger to our party. A Cannon defeat would be a disaster and bring this on. However a victory might show some House members and conservative media(YES SEAN HANNITY I MEAN YOU) that not every thing that Tancredo and the other extreme elements in the party touches turns to gold.

I want the House Republicans to start governing and stop some of this silliness. A Cannon Victory could be what makes that happen. It would also make the House realize that the President is the leader of this party not Tancredo


Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

I think Tancredo is walking a tight line here and his arrogance is showing. One of these days he's going to step over the line - and I can't wait.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous SallyVee said...

You are absolutely right. After reading your earlier post (the Church Lady), my husband and I were laughing it up like crazy for a couple hours. Until it dawned on us how far Tancredo & Co. have come, and what hangs in the balance regarding Utah as well as the rest of this nation.

The hardliners are already using Bilbray's win dishonestly, claiming it's a huge victory based solely on opposition to what they call amnesty.

This is NOT funny anymore. Which is too bad because there are so many loons and simpering fools to be caricatured and immitated in this farce. I can imagine Dan Ackroyd nailing Tancredo to a Tee.

Again, many thanks for organizing and expressing your thoughts so well. If you don't mind, we intend to appropriate your general outline in our presentation to our Rep. Spencer Bachus next week, or as soon as we can pin him down. Bachus (6th district Alabama) is one of the members of Tancredo's Immigration Caucus. As far as I'm concerned, Rep. Bachus personally owes us explanation for why he is not supporting our president, and why he is allowing Tancredo to turn his bizarre personal crusade into a potentially devastating stink bomb for the entire GOP.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Sally vee.

Thanks for your kind words. Def contact your Republican Congressman. PLus several blogs on my blogroll have started the process of process of documenting this. The Pink Flamingo, Subway Canaries, Called as Seen, Strata sphere, Big Lizards, plus HEdgeHog which I will be adding.

As I have been saying, this has little to do with conservative versus liberal. This is in part about a fringe that is using people of good willin the illegal immigration debate for instance for their politcal gain. Tancredo actions of how he is attacking fellow Republicans has to be stopped in my view. The whole House has been duped into being scared of this guy

10:35 AM  
Anonymous SallyVee said...

I'm starting to understand how a guy like Joe Lieberman or Zell Miller feels looking around their party landscape... like being stuck in the Star Wars bar.

Honestly, a year ago I didn't know Tancredo's name. Now suddenly he's the 'defacto leader of the House' ???

We simply can NOT stand by while a handful of One Note Tommies jeopardize our president's last two years in office, along with our national security.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

8:58 PM  

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