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Saturday, June 24, 2006


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Coach Miles as well as many of our college coaches go to Iraq and other places to support our troops often Kudos to then. Also on this trip were Lou Holtz and Vincent Naimoli, the owner of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. There are pics of them on the below link. A Serviceman and LSU fan in bagdad observed on this LSU Forum
Yep, I'm sure most of you know that Les Miles took the trip to Iraq to visit the troops. I bargained, coerced and intimidated my way into getting on his escort/security detail while he was in Baghdad. So, he was awesome!!!!! He was so impressed by the troops and very giving of his time, energy and good wishes. He threw a football around with troops. About coming to Iraq, he said, "When you get those few chances in life to do something really important....YOU'VE GOTTA DO IT!!!" And so he did. It was awesome.....Lou Holtz is a damned pistol. He is so full of energy and really doesn't sleep much. He tried to get on a night patrol outside of the wire. He was so fired up to be in Iraq. Of course, he was talked out of it, but he was all for it. Vincent Naimoli, the owner of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, joined the group because he is friends with Coach Holtz and Notre Dame Alum. That man is a super genious and very easy to talk to. He is such a nice man. AND, he just had knee surgery but didn't want to miss this opportunity, so he bit through a lot of pain to be with the troops. Those guys were going on soldiers' schedules and staying high energy the whole time. We were with them for 22 hours and they got to sleep about 4 of those hours. We were impressed. I am very proud of Coach Miles. This was a great thing for him to do.

Other pics on the link


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