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Monday, June 19, 2006

Louisiana Anti Abortion Legislation a Model For the Nation

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Some good news from the Louisiana Legislature and the Governor's office. Governor Blanco signed into law the Senate Bill that would prohibit most abortions if Roe V Wade is reversed in ,whole or in part, or part by the US Supreme Court. This is great news for the Louisiana Pro Life community. The National Review has a excellent piece on this Post Roe Activation(PRA) activation legislation and how it should be used in other States. The National Review notes that there are three advantages to this law:

First, the PRA bill gave state legislators the opportunity to speak about the issue of abortion in context of live legislation. The legislators in Louisiana realized that it is one thing to answer candidate questionnaires about their position on Roe, but quite another thing to struggle with the issue with the realization that they are crafting policy that will sooner or later go into effect. .....

Second, the PRA clause takes away the disturbing prospect of having to pay taxpayer dollars to abortion-industry lawyers as attorney's fees that would likely be awarded by federal courts after they strike the law down as being in conflict with Roe. That's because at this point in time, even with the addition of John Roberts and Samuel Alito, we may be one vote shy of having the necessary five of nine votes on the Supreme Court to rule that Roe was an invalid exercise in judicial usurpation of the state's legislative functions. . .

the third and last point. PRA legislation allows state legislators to act with the goal of creating an environment that reveals a growing political will to appoint and confirm that fifth Justice. Imagine the scenario of state after state holding committee hearings to consider what legalized abortion has done to the very women that were alleged to have been its biggest beneficiaries. Imagine the people in state after state standing up to proclaim that abortion is a crime against humanity that we will no longer endure. When a Supreme Court vacancy opens, the president and Senate would not have to read the tea leaves; rather, they could just look at the numbers of states who have enacted legislation evidencing their desire to restore the Declaration's mandate to protect the inalienable right to life.

Good points made by the National Review, Read the whole thing. Another point of interest is that Gov Blanco is a Democrat. Unlike other States, In Louisiana the Pro-life issue has been a bipartisan cause. With one exception in the Senate and one exception in the House, the Louisiana congressional delegation has always been pro life regardless of party. The signing of this Legislation by a female Democractic governor is upsetting quite a few outside the state..Here is one blogger that has a view similar to the rest of the so called progressives. What this blogger does not realize is that in certain areas of the country people feel that there is no contradiction between being a Democrat and voting pro-life. I predict that Governor Blanco will suffer no adverse consequences to upholding her lifelong pro-life position. I for one am well pleased. Even though I am a Republican, I do not believe Life issues should all be the domain of one political party. Hopefully, this will be taken by some Democrats that they can be prolife and a Democrat at the same time.

Emily Metzgar takes Blanco to task for changing her position and calls its "another act of political expedience". As you can read in the article this is referring to her past position of wanting exceptions for rape and incest versus her opponent's(and future opponent) view of believing in no exceptions. I believe that Blanco was clear that she wished those exceptions to be in the current bill. However the Legislature did not agree. One can criticize Gov Blanco on many things , but here I think Blanco should be given her due. Blanco chose not to veto a very good bill over those exceptions. She realizes that protecting countless thousands of Louisiana 's unborn children was more important than holding out for her exceptions.

Nationally, the Liberal Atrios has chimed in and said he will not visit our poor state anymore since Blanco signed the bill. I suppose he might not write about our plight either now.. Liberalism and love at its best I see. Funny, I don't like the laws in a lot of States and cities but I still go and visit. Can you imagine the outrage if the Governor had been a Republican. Oh Check out his comment section. One left leaning Louisiana blogger and cartoonist has some choice words for old atrios. In fact the Suspect Device Blog has a whole entry on atrios and all the liberal love that is on exhibit called More Fair Weathered Friends. He observes in a great post"
You know what I think? I think it's horseshit. I think that our compassionate progressive liberal brethren are tired of hearing our troubles, and by God if this didn't just give them a solid-gold gift-wrapped excuse to wash their hands of us. They WERE all for helping us get that federal help and rebuilding the city and caring very deeply for our poor but NOW -- well, not that we've gone and done something STUPID they can't in good conscience spend any more imaginary money or potential vacation time here. On our own, again.


But I didn't expect the liberal left to so cynically abandon us so quickly. All it took was one law, a trigger law not yet in force at that, for the facade to snap and waves of righteous relief at no longer having to associate with the needy lowlives come rushing over the atriots like a cool summer rain. Fuck you clowns.

I hate to tell you dude but I have seen this coming all along. People on both sides are using Louisiana like pawns. On the right we have idiots like Rep.Tancredo that so used our misery for another 15 minutes of fame . I am not surprised that when the hurricane loses its Bush bashing potency for the left that they want to wash their hands of us.


Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

The new anti-abortion laws that are being passed in places like LA and SD worry me because they do not allow for rape or incest. The cynic in me says this is being left out on purpose. I can't help thinking that in doing so, the Dems have set the GOP up for another Supreme Court knockdown.


12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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