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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kookdom and Their Designs on our GOP and Conservative Movements

Kookiness in Our Republican Party and The Conservative Movement
The Pink Flamingo has decided to take on something that is much needed. That is how our GOP being exploited by Kookdom. She has started a whole new seperate blog dedicated to this purpose called The Subway Canaries Her first days of entries was stellar and included a expose on the Council of Conservative Citizens and the infamous Tanton memos here and here. Take a look at those memos. It basically is a outline of how Tanton's organizations are taking over and influencing groups on both the right and left .Good stuff. Let me add something to the her thoughts on the Council of Conservative Citizens.. This is not some conservative organization. The fact they have hijacked the word "conservative" makes me ill. They are a bunch of hate filled radicals. Its the Klan at the Chamber of commerce. Its the Grand Cylcops at the Episicopal Church. It is basically evil and hate masquerading as mainstream. She has a link showing how Stormfront, a web site that is gathering place for groups advocating white supremacy, was linking to information about the Council of Conservative Citizens big convention they has this past weekend. PLease read it all and look how this klan group was welcomed with open arms. Also take note of this post by the editor of Storm Front post 108
"It's those breakfast meetings and lunch meetings that are important, and the hundreds of hallway meetings, rubbing elbows at the bar, hanging around the pool, and like that.Vigo Indy unfortunately couldn't stay long and I only talked to him for few minutes - caught him on his way out. But I did get to meet him, and I liked what he had to say. That's the kind of thing that bonds this community far stronger than internet memos here on the forum. While Stormfront makes it all possible, it's only a beginning.There was a good number of young Volk there, Old Blue, you would have been heartened by that.James Edwards was there with the new Mrs. Edwards, DeutschPride, PanzerElite, Hawthorne, too many of the young lions to remember all at once here!Plenty more music than I was expecting, with acoustic string concerts both on Friday night in the meeting hall and on Saturday night by the pool. I am convinced Stormfront is doing the right thing expanding in this direction, continuing to build and diversify (if you'll pardon the word) and developing as a media project in every sense of the word.

Lovely isnt it. But look at some of the speakers that were there and what they spoke about on post 113. WTF? Conservative? I think not. But let me highlight one speaker and his comments at the convention this past weekend.
Joe McCutcheon- Jews and neo-cons wanted to attack Iraq even before 9/11- Alberto Gonzales and Michael Chertoff are dual citizens- Mexican military helps Mexicans get across the border- illegal immigration is an attack on white America- We're "trading down" to an egalitarian society- Vote out all incumbents- We're not a nation of immigrants - The American population was already well established by 1776 and was definitely European

Who is this guy? Well Joe McCutcheon is the leading voice of the anti immigration movement in Arkansas as head of Protect Arkansas Now. He is a volunteer Minuteman and was even quoted in the Christian Science Monitor here . In this article he is quoted at length and we find he was one of the Minutemen 16 pilots in 2005. He has even been quoted by Lou Dobbs on CNN it appears.

I have not been able to find the original article but a site has reproduced this site has kept the original AP article. Look at this quote:
McCutchen also acknowledged participating in a 2001 anti-immigration forum in North Carolina, sponsored by the Council of Conservative Citizens, which the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a successor of the old White Citizens Council. In a 2001 CCC publication, McCutchen is identified as a member, but he said Wednesday that the only organizations he's ever belonged to are four Masonic orders and the American Airplane Pilots Association. McCutchen said that after participating in the 2001 forum with self-described racial separatist Virginia Abernethy, who later became chairwoman of Protect Arizona Now, he decided to break all ties with CCC. "I decided this wasn't my schtick," he said. "I'm strictly working on an illegal immigration basis, and they're in other areas. I'm strictly looking for the stability of this country and upholding the rule of law." McCutchen said he resented having to make such a disclaimer, but said he has been careful to point out that people who want to tighten laws against illegal immigration "are not bigots, xenophobes, racists or anti-Semites."

Well I guess Mr McCutchen had a change of heart since he just appeared at the Council's convention this past weekend. Oh and look at these letters he wrote to the Fort Smith Arkansas paper and view part his anti jewish bile. I love this part.
"Bush and his mostly Jewish neo-cons' war against Iraq was illegal, immoral and resulted in the emasculation of the Constitution. There are no weapons of mass destruction and no evidence that Iraq has harmed U.S. interests, i.e. no Iraqi terrorists. Evidence indicates Bush I was a party to installing Saddam and was formerly a business partner, and U.S. furnished Iraq with start-up material for bacterial warfare.Bush and his neo-con handlers have vaporized the 14th Amendment, shades of Nazi German differing only in role-reversal. Additionally, Globalist Bush refuses to secure our southern border, and estimates state that in excess of 10,000 illegals are crossing daily. The aforementioned, accompanied by "Homeland Security" and the "Patriot Acts" guarantees a U.S. citizen lock-down! American culture is in a melt-down."

If you object that this comes from a liberal site. I will at my own expense get a copy of these letters from the paper itself and post them. Folks, its ok to be against illegal immigration. I think we all see that illegal immigration must be stopped. But we must be careful who we are getting in bed with. By the way good ole Joe is still active and being quoted all over the place. This was from last week. It does not help that this guy is the face of the Republican party to some.

On a side note, I am happy to see that Governor Huckabee, a future possible President ,does not associate with this trash as can be seen here , and here where he was quoted as saying
"Huckabee said he wouldn’t want to be associated with Mc-Cutchen's group. "We owe it to our heritage to realize where we came from," Huckabee said. "McCutchen is probably of Scottish descent. What if the borders had been closed to people of Scottish descent. I tend to think of America as a country where lots of prosperity is left for a lot of people."
McCutchen said his ancestors came to what is now the United States in the 1600s. "I’m saying anybody who comes legally is welcome as long as they abide by the constitution," McCutcheon said. "What does the governor not understand about the rule of law?"
McCutchen accused Huckabee of pandering to "politically correct" interests to better his chances for a position in President Bush’s administration.
Huckabee said he was emotional and proud that he lives in a country where a Cuban immigrant like Carlos Gutierrez could become U.S. Commerce Secretary and others come "with nothing but a number on their arm from Auschwitz."

Huckabee also said here
"If I were to say some of it is driven by just sheer racism, I think I would be telling you the truth,” Huckabee said as he shared sandwiches and salad with close to 20 national and regional political reporters.
“I’m not saying everybody who is very, very angry [about immigration ] is a racist. I want to be very clear about that. But I’ve had conversations with people, and it became evident what they really didn’t like is that people didn’t look like them, didn’t talk like them and didn’t celebrate the holidays they do, and they just had a problem with it

Many conservatives hounded on Huckabee because he said that some,not all, but some folks had a pure racist agenda in this immigration fight. As can be seen Huckabee has reasons to back up what he said. The more I hear about Governor Huckabee, the more I like him. Gov Huckabee is against illegal immigration too, but he realizes we can't destroy our souls in backing certain proposals. Furthermore, he has the moral courage to call a spade a spade sometimes. It reminds me of the current occupant in the White House. Do not be surprised if this conservative Roman Catholic Republican is going to be supporting this Southern Baptist minister now Arkansas Governor next year. His courage ,much like Senator Brownback, is what I am looking for in these tough years ahead. That is no pandering just do what is right. Again, I know this immigration issue is emotional. However, we must be careful who we ally with.

There is more out there. But enough on Kookdom for now.


Blogger SJ Reidhead said...

Good job. Just linked you to the Subway Canary. Do give those of us who are Episcopalian a break. We don't approve of what is going on with many of the bishops. Problem is, there's not much we can do about it aside from leaving the church, and not many of us want that.

Keep up the good work.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

LOL thanks. I didn't mean to dig on the Episcopalian Chhurch there. Even thoug I am going to give my insights on all their monkeyshines at the past convention. lol. However, I only used the Episcopalins as a analogy to the ultimate social acceptable church especially in southern society.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

8:58 PM  

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