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Monday, June 12, 2006

An Introduction and What to Expect

Since Blogger has decided to come back from its vacation, I have decided that its time to get this blog going. I have blogged before but because of various personal issues had to stop for a period of time. It was a time to observe rather than to comment. Also ,to put it bluntly, I was worn out in many ways and needed a sabbatical and time to think. Judging at the quality of thought being produced in the "conservative" blogsphere lately, perhaps some should take my example and get a much needed rest and just observe. There is too much overblown and heated rhetoric out there. Too much feeling and not enough thinking. More on that in later posts

On to the links and sort of my policy on linking. First as to the format here. I am not sold on how long I will keep blogrolling as a linking device. We shall see how it works out. I am frustrated that it appears that I cannot separate blogs into separate categories. The problem is even though I am not a newbie to blogging, HTML and other similar topics remains a mystery to me. You would have better luck giving me a high school Chemistry set and commanding me make an asprin than having me make a half decent side bar by fooling around with my template. I spent 4 hours today googling and yahooing for help on how to adjust my template on blogger to make a half decent link list, that at the end I just yelled WTF!!! A word on the internet lingo term" WTF" to my most puritan of readers. It will be the most racy term you will encounter on here I promise and will be used rarely. Sometimes, "WTF" just so puts the point on a thought or issue. However, to assist you may I offer an illustration that was done by one of our brave serviceen in the 4th ID from Iraq.
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I chalk some of that to laziness and will make an attempt to study up and improve this site. The links shall be those that interested me and have quality. They will be a gumbo of religious, cultural, political, and military blogs. So on to today links. I will try to add 4 a day in order to give them the proper introduction till I get my entire blogroll up. By the Way I liked to be linked :).

Politics will be a major focus here. I implied earlier that I felt that political blogs in the conservative area have gone to the dogs. How the blogs have handled topics such as the war on terror, the Dubai terminal deal, and the current immigration debate has left much to be desired. It seems that even some of the past great conservative bloggers have become nothing more than one big echo chambers ranting in the dubious tradition of the liberal blogger Kos and like minded padres. Hint, if your idea of conservative discourse is calling our Commander in Chief "Presidente Jorge" , then it is likely you will not deem my serious consideration. This is not my first trip in the political arena and after many years I can recognize what throwing red meat to the lions is and why its done.

Christianity and society is another topic, I will post my thoughts for the folks to ponder. This will have a Catholic emphasis but not an exclusive one. There are many fine Evangelical, Protestant, and Orthodox blogs that are quite compelling.

Foreign affairs is another area I hope to focus on including some of the finest writing that is occurring by military bloggers. The writing of our troops for instance on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan is simply compelling. I hope its being preserved some place. Also the revolution in society that is happening in the Islamic world, fueled by bloggers is amazing. I hope to show some insight into that World.

Later tonight I will profile my first four bloggers of interest as well as dive head first into the immigration issue and what we really should be concerned about.


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