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Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Grief I Need Some LSU Football

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Do you like my friends pictured above? Lord knows I do. I shall be posting more of them this year. In all that is Holy I need some football. To get more specific, I need some lets bleed Purple and Gold LSU Tiger football. I realized that today. More on that in a second. Football of course is loved nationwide, but in the south it is a religion. In the South during the fall our holy day is not Sunday morning in Church, but occurs on Saturday nights as we gather in 100,000 seat stadiums and around our tvs to watch our State teams play. I am ready for that fall feast that seems to go on non stop from the hot days of September to the fall chill at the end of November and the glory of the bowl season. Football down here is just not a saturday event. We talk about it nonstop all week. We listen to every sports show we can get on our dial , and pick up the latest gossip on our internet forums. Let me plug my hangout- . So yes I need more than ever to yell for my Tigers and practice some good ole fashion healthy hate toward Ole Miss(or ole Myth as we call them) and Alabama. They of course will do the same. Its healthy trust me. I realized this today.

Why did I realize it. Well I was driving in the middle of no where Louisiana today and the sports show was boringggg. No football talk on the radio today and since I am about a Thousand miles from Chicago no talk of my beloved Cubs. Now, at times like this when there is no music that is good and no sports and the evening is coming on, I used to pull out my Rosary. However, the last time I was conversing deeply with the Blessed mother while driving at 70 miles a hour,I almost ran smack into a pulpwood wood truck and barely avoided a herd of cows that happened to be in a field where I nearly ended up to avoid an untimely demise. Needless to say I don't pray the Rosary in the car anymore. So what did I do. I turned on Talk radio.

Big mistake. It was the Savage show. The savage show is a big advertisment for the need for National Mental Health Care. Today he had a fill in so I thougt there was hope. So what was the show like? Well it Bit*h, Bit*h, Bit*h, complain, rant, and Bit*h some more. It was Rinse, Wash and Repeat. In 15 minutes I learned that we needed to take our country back from the politicians that are responsible for bad movies, bad neigbors the fall of the boy scouts and the girl scouts, general moral decay, and somehow at the end this was tied into illegal aliens. Then I learned thatBush has a secret plan that will result in having our Children pledge allegiance to the North America Union. This is called Conservative radio. Give me a break.

I have a wonderful idea for those that want to invest in it. Remember those world at war clips our parents and grandparents saw at the movies right before the main feature? It was all about what our brave service people were doing in WWII. It promoted pride and kept people updated. I think we need that. There are a ton of heroic stories and great good that we are doing that is begging to be told. Its a money maker I promise. People would eat that up to see some good ole patrotric God Bless America good news before a movie, on radio, or before their TV show. However till that happens I guess I will just have to have to wait till September where in the evening the radio stations find a way to talk about my blessed Tigers every hour, and I can listen to the SEC roundup on sports radio.

There are other reasons I need and the country needs football. I know a lot of us need a release of the nastiness that is going around in politics. I will go into this later but the whole state of Louisiana needs a big ole distraction and something to root for. Needless to say this past year was in a word - tough. But again, I will later give you my ode to poor ole Louisiana. Right now, I need a fall football game under the lights at Tiger Stadium. I need a day where I can watch football , ogle 19 year old college girls, eat and drink, and hang with friends. All as we participate in that particular pilgramage to our Mecca-The stadium called Death Valley. A place that whether your 2 or 92 everyone is young and everthing is glorious. At least till the start of the game , before you might lose when anything is possible.


Anonymous Mike said...

Only 67 more days til kickoff...

for the Tide that is. :)

Take care.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

boo tide lol

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site lots of usefull infomation here.

8:58 PM  

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