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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Glance at the News and the Blogs

Decision O8(Republican)

For those that can't wait for Presidential politics and need the added accessories, Sam BrownBack For President blog has found a place for your shopping needs here. Since he found the link, its only fair the shopping page opens on his guy. But if you notice they have merchandise for all the 08 Republican hopefuls in the upper left. Brownback weighed in at a news conference on Stem Cell Research yesterday also

The Huckabee forces are out defending their guy against the charges made by the conservative group "The Club For Growth " that Huckabee tax policies do not stimulate the economy. Governor Huckabee is in the Far East for a two week visit by the way, starting off in Tawian. Here is some of what he was doing. It looks like he leaves today(or is it yesterday the internatonal date line always messes me up) to head to Korea. A British Blogger that is following the O8 elections has something on Huckabee' visit to North Carolina that occured right before the Asia trip.

Elect Romney in 2008 is a very good blog that is a unofficial site covering the Romney campaign. I suppose I will put him on my links. Here, he post of Romney's big visit to Iowa this past weekend.


Big Lizards is blog that I intend to put on my 'Welcome to my Blogroll" post later this week. However ,he has a two part post on the immigration issue that is fantastic. In part one that he posted on the 19th:

"So forgive my brashness, for I am only an egg; but I would like to see some reasonable evidence that any of the "hard-liners" against compromise on normalization actually supports legal immigration, or has the slightest concern about the arbitrary, capricous, and often discriminatory way that completely legal immigrants (and would-be immigrants) are treated in this country -- earlier by the Immigration and Naturalization Services and today by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services"

The answer Big lizard is that they do not. All you have to go is the web sites of Fair, Numbers, CIS, and Population balance and see that they oppose legal immigration. In fact these groups that are running this debate want the population of the USA to return to 150 million. There is no concern about making the process more efficient even for the foreigners serving in our uniform overseas. I have now heard personally from two people from Iraq, at the hoops they had to jump through to get their guys made citizens. In fact there is a fear that some because of injuries and emotional trauma, some might forget to renew their green cards and get this -Become Illegal Aliens!!!. Sickening

As he comments in Post 2 of the immigration man, the comment section pretty much showed that no one really gave a big damn about legal immigration. He says:

"I would love to find out I was right in my original assumption, that the anti-illegal hardliners actually do care about the unnecessary tribulations cast in the paths of legal immigrants. Not only would it make rational discussion possible, but I like to think well of people I respect. But danged if I can find any evidence so far."

Well there were comments to that. Its quite amusing but sad. I always hear the mantra ,"We not against immigration but only illegal immigration!!!!" Ah, but if that were true. There is not hardly one proposal or anti illegal immigration group that wants to truly reform the immigration process. They are in essence for keeping everyone out. Rep Tancredo himself is the author of a bill that will do that for all practical purposes. That bill is HR 946, Mass Immigration Reduction Act of 2003. THe debate is so slowly shifting to the true purpose behind some of these groups that oppose illegal immigration. As I have said before, this debate is really not about illegals to many. Read the whole thing. He is alwasy a great read from issue of Immigration to the current North Korean missle crisis.


Well, the Episcopal Church is not the only one's causing controversy this week. Now its the Presbytarians for goodness sake. It appears that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is problematic for some or to more specific the wording of the Trinty. Mark Shea at Catholic and Enjoying it has his thoughts on this and offers a few alternatives names. To any Anglicans(Flamingo lol) and Presbytarians(like my parents) that might be reading this please do the following. Urge your leaders to go the nearest bar and drink themselves silly for the rest of their meetings. They will cause far less damage. I am a convert to the Catholic faith and I respect many other christian traditions. However this is like watching a train wreck unfold. The Presbytarian issue is very upsetting because future Baptisms would not even be valid if this occurs.

Middle East

Michael Trotten had a excellent piece on Lebanon a few days ago here. Now he introduces us to another soulful blogger from that land . Its a shame that Americans do not keep up with part of the world more. You would think as a Christian nation we might since so much of our faith came and is still tied up in a mystical way with that region. Its a shame that American Christians really don't give a hoot to people that are descendants of the earliest Christians in the World. Its a fascinating region. As I have stated before bloggers from Israel and from Lebanon are reaching out to each other on these blogs. It is a t times tense and painful but its happening. I hope to post on that in near future.

This piece shows a great truth. It appears that since the Taliban can't win on the battlefield they have taken their battle to SCHOOLGIRLS.

"Summer vacation has only begun, but as far as 12-year-old Nooria is concerned, the best thing is knowing she has a school to go back to in the fall. She couldn't be sure the place would stay open four months ago, after the Taliban tried to burn it down. Late one February night, more than a dozen masked gunmen burst into the 10-room girls' school in Nooria's village, Mandrawar, about 100 miles east of Kabul. They tied up and beat the night watchman, soaked the principal's office and the library with gasoline, set it on fire and escaped into the darkness. The townspeople, who doused the blaze before it could spread, later found written messages from the gunmen promising to cut off the nose and ears of any teacher or student who dared to return.

Read it all very fascinating. Yet our coaltion troops are fighting this and more importantly so are the average Afghans.

Thats it till after dinner.

Don't ask why this whole post is in italics. I have no clue and I am too hungry to correct it now.


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