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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Four Blogs Worth Your Time

Here are some Blogs that I am putting on the blogroll. I will have some biggies of course but there is much wisdom and information outside Michelle Malkim and other big names. These will later be categorized on the side once its gets bigger.

The Anchoress is perhaps the blog I enjoy the most every day especially when she is not on her Bryn Terfel and Kiefer Sutherland kick. (Ladies, there is a little Kiefer Sutherland in the men of your life just begging to get out, it just needs to be encouraged). Anyway if there is an political, intellectual and spiritual soul mate to this Louisiana boy in blog land, it's this anonymous Long Island Lady. She often writes about issues and topics in a such a way that you go "Yeah!! Exactly". She is a conservative, or as she describes herself classical liberal without a home. She is a devout Catholic that lives her faith in all facets of life. More than anything she talks common sense. For a non political view of her gripping writing go here .Take time and read all the posts on the on the pages regarding her brother in laws slow, horrible but yet beautiful death. Those posts gave my mental health and spiritual life a much needed shot in the arm at a very difficult time in my life. She is a true gem among the blogs.

Mike Huckabee President 2008 is an interesting blog that is an unofficial effort to promote a Huckabee run in 08. I will be posting other blogs regarding potential Republican hopefuls in the coming weeks. For instance I am trying to find a a blog for Senator Brownback of similar quality. BTW, his blog layout is similar to what I hope this will look like in the future.(I really need to take a HTML class). I am open to several possibilities this year for the 08 race. Gov. Huckabee is a man to watch and I think he might be one of the potential sleepers. This blog also has links to other Huckabee blogs in other states. These blogs I find are much more useful than the "official" web sites of a campagin. If your pro life and don't think that all solutions to the World's problems is simply to round up all the illegals and Nuke Mecca, then this might be a blog you want to visit in helping you make an informed choice. There is one major major problem with Gov Huckabee though and I feel it must pointed out even though it pains me. As Governor of Arkanasas he is without a doubt a Razorback fan. The hogs are developing into more of a rival for God's own LSU Tigers. I suggest at the earliest possible moment that the good Governor come to Tiger Stadium and pay the required homage and adoration. THe Pondering American Blog as you will notice bleeds Purple and Gold. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Pink Flamingo is a GOP blogger that I will be referencing often. She also has this weird philosophy that the road to victory is not to eat our young or engage in a circular firing squad. This blog is a good asset for information for 06 and 08. I will be linking to this blog on my posts on the immigration issue also . She has taken the time and effort to document some disturbing facts as to whom we might be getting in bed with and the possible agendas these folks have. Hint- Its not really all about "illegals". She is doing God's work and doing her small part to make sure the GOP doesn't committ political suicide for supposed short term gains. She also pegs who the real "rinos" are. More later.

Michael J Totten Middle East Journal is incredible. He is a journalist in the tradition of Michael Yon. He is using the net to get the facts out. His blog is incredible not only for the writing but for his comment section. It is where a wonderful discussion between Jews and Arabs is right now occuring. This is similar to another Lebanese blogger and what is happening on his griping site. I will post a blurb on him later this week. Often its painful and edgy but its a place where healing is starting. These Middle Eastern blogs are going to be a force to be reckon with by the Governments in the Middle East. However, countries like the House of Saud are waking up to disturbing fact. These bloggers are speaking and there is not a darn thing they can do about it. Michael Totten has his finger on the pulse of what is happening in Lebanon and Israel as well as other places. A good and important read. Just remember the comment sections is where often the real suprises are hidden.


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