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Friday, June 16, 2006

A few more blogs for the Blogroll today

Well, after another 24 hours of basically sleep its seems that I am starting to beat this summertime bug. I am little behind in what I wanted to post so let me jump right into it.
We are adding 5 more blogs that I enjoy going to and are quite informative.

Baseball Crank is a blog that I enjoy greatly. One reason I like blogs is that the blogger's personality can come through. Often its their chance to show off their interest and knowledge in various areas. The Baseballcrank blog is one of those places. This bloggers not only talks a good game of politics but among other things likes, you guessed, it baseball. So if you're into America's two major past times this blog is a must read everyday. This blogger is from the New York area and is also a lawyer.

I am going to put two Brwonback Blogs that will eventually go under my Victory in 08 category. One is Catholics for Brownback. By the way if your particular favorite has a "Catholics for Insert name" let me know and I will put it on. I have an interest in the outreach for the Catholic vote or the lack of by potentials hopefuls. This blog already is alerting us to how some are trying to drag in the scary Opus Dei organization into the campaign. I suppose Opus Dei will be the new Skull and bones. Any way go here for that. Sam Brownback President 2008 is a new blog that is starting to follow and promote a Brownback run. Brownback as well as Huckabee is one of those guys I am giving a serious look at. I suspect that my support might go to one or the other. However, I am still open. This blog looks like it will have potential in keeping us updated on the "unofficial Brownback campaign".

I am putting up a religious site today. Pontifications. Pontifications is a site run by a former Espicopal Priest who is now a Catholic. Great reading. What I like is the discussion that occurs in the comment section at times . Its a great mix of Catholics, Orthodox, Reformed, and Evangelical Christians.

Were you irate like I was at what some were saying in Congress yesterday about Iraq? This statement today from the possible future speaker of the House drives me to distraction. Well, to see what is really happening go to some our bloggers in Iraq. Bandit.three.six is a great Serviceman in Baghdad itself. He is aware of a great classifed secret. That is we are winning. Really we are. To see what he is saying go to this entry here: "Soldiers are consistantly ranked as the most trusted individuals of any profession in America, a fact that I don't take lightly and make every effort to uphold. Please believe me, WE ARE WINNING!!!

That the blogs for today. I am attempting post some thoughts regarding the Christian view of the immigration issue before it hits the witching hour tonight. Plus maybe a few other nuggets as I also try to work the kinks out on this blog .


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