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Friday, June 30, 2006

Elvis, Press Rudeness and my MawMaw

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I couldn't let the day pass without some comments on the Bush, Prime Minister Koizum, Elvis and their joint pilgramage to Graceland. Politics at times needs to be fun. I am glad it was a little light today. Also Kudo's for Bush going down to Memphis with the Prime Minister of Japan. His country has really gone to bat for us in this War on Terror. Perhaps the Jews and the Arabs should take note of this relationship. No one has to be enemies forever. As you can see from the above pic, Even Tony Snow was getting in on the fun. For the amusing Press gaggle that is associated with that pic click here.

This visit though by a foreign head of State brings up a topic that really irks me. That is Press rudeness. Do you ever notice that some of the most important World Leaders come to the White House and the White House Press Corp just ignores them it seems. I remember when the big Monica story broke on Bill Clinton. It occured when Arafat was visiting the White House. All the questions were about the scandel. No one asked the former head of the PLO a thing. It was rude. I don't care if the guy was a former terrorist , but it was the one day I felt actually sorry for the man But it happens all the time. Yesterday was no exception. At the press Conference the only questions by American Reporters that were asked were basically, "Do you think you were bench slapped by the Supreme Court on Gitmo". It would have been nice if a American reporter would have asked the Prime Minister ,"So North Korea is about to fly a big ole rocket over your Country. What do you think about that? or "So there is talk if North Korea keeps going down this path that we might help arm you with Nuclear Weapons. As the only Country in the World that had 2 cities blown off the map by atomic weapons, Whats your thoughts?
How about a question on Japan assistance to us in Iraq ? Oh well, no the Press just kept being rude as always to foreign leaders that visit us. Also, we were cheated out of some good questions.

But today got me thinking about Elvis after seeing all those pictures today. I am a little to young to remember much about the King. I remember though the day he died. I was a tiny tot watching television and heard my mother go OH NO! My response was who? I enjoy his songs though. My favorite is American Trilogy. Its beautiful. It a combination of Dixie, The Battle Hymm of the Republic, and an old Negro spiritual. Some bars down here still play it to close out the night.
My grandmother who is over 80 is a huge Elvis fan. In fact she took me up to Graceland. Graceland is kept as nice as the White House. I even saw the Kings grave right there by the Mansion's swimming pool. I thought even then that would be awkward at pool parties. Did Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie ever lift up a beer to dear ole dad while they were in the pool? I wonder. But my grandmother loves Elvis. Elvis could do no wrong. He was the perfect Southern boy. I remember vividly when my grandfather brought up the issue of the whole drug thing. Good Grief, it was like he had just denied the resurrection of Christ and called George Washington a Communist all at the same time. My grandmother would have none of that talk. He was used!!! He just was Listening to his Doctors!!!. It was Col. Parkers fault!!! In fact I think She even went to one of those concerts where Elvis would pass out all those scarfs to women that were around his neck. Who knows she might have got one.I often wonder if my then early 50's year old Grandmother wassinging Elvis songs with my mom. Perhaps she had one of those Mom's crushes on a singer. I like that. It makes me know that my grandmother was human like the rest of us. I guess its one of those question, I need to ask before its too late.

If I am up late enough I will try to update this post with some local papers from Memphis that described the visit.


Anonymous Jo said...

It was a fun story to watch! Everyone looked very relaxed and having a good time. Sometimes news should be fun ...

7:38 AM  
Anonymous themarkman said...

first time I've seen your blog, but I will check your other posts. I came here from Free Republic after I read your first sentence.
My mother (who is now 75) has a similiar way about her, Elvis is King.
She said that the only time she saw him was on a date a million or so (to me) years ago, way before she met my father, and the guy she was with had unfortunately (he being of short stature) yelled to her over the din that the only reason Elvis was great is that he was tall.
Unfortunately for the poor bastidge, as Elvis walked down the aisle, everyone suddenly shut up in awe, so his words were heard by Elvis himself, who leaned down and said, "Really?"
I do not know for sure that this really happened, but my sainted mother says it happened (I do not know the venue, only the story) and I am loathe to call her a liar. She said that she decided right away that man was not getting a short kiss goodnight even though he paid a lot for the tickets at the time.
My mom to this day worships Elvis, and it is fun to watch the fascination of the true fans.
Being more of a Beatles fan myself, I can only wonder what my reaction would have been if John, Paul, Ringo or George had actually spoken to me at any time.
Anyway, I am sure most have a good Elvis story, I just thought I would share this humorous (to me, at least) story with you.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...


Oh I tell you, I think a tonmother and grandmothers all have great Elvis stories lol. They prob really happened too. It was amazing how he hit all this spots in the South before he hit the big time

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:58 PM  

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