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Monday, June 19, 2006

Decision O8- Republicans Kicking it Off in Iowa

I am a political nerd. I have thought that places like Iowa and New Hampshire must be the coolest places to live because of all the presidental campaign action that starts in earnest every two years. Where else , if you are politically active, is there a good chance that the future Leader of the Free World might stop by the house for coffee. or come by your work with a hundred cameras in tow.

Republicans and Democrat hopefuls have of course been in Iowa for some time now. A useful site to keep up on all the visits is the George Washington University Iowa page. Here you can see how many times a candidate has been to Iowa and where he or she was speaking. For Republicans go here and for Democrats go here.

The big shindig this weekend though was for Republicans.. The Iowa Republicans held their state convention this past weekend as well as assorted events. Fox News has a brief round up here. . Four Republicans hopefuls appeared in person this weekend at this weekend events. Those canidates were Senator Brownback of Kansas, Senator Allen of Virginia, Governor Pataki of New York, Governor Mitch Romney of Massachusetts.

Governor Huckabee was not present but as Mike Huckabee President 2008 blog points out , the Governor of Arkansas was in the Far East meeting with business and political leaders in Tawain, Korea, and Japan for the next two weeks. It is pointed out correctly that this trip is happening at the same time that the potential North Korea missile launch crisis is happening. If this test occurs while he is over in the region it will be interesting to see how the Governor handles that situation since it is known by the political leaders there, that he is a possible future President.

Now back to last weeks Iowa events. There seems to a be alot of buzz about Governor Pataki. I am a tad surprised at the interest he has been generating. He seems to have quite a few people from the conservative wing of the Iowa Republican party on his Exploratory committee/ Leadership PAC for that state as can be seen here. Krustyconservative from Iowa took note of this here and here. Take a look at the comment sections on both post. Iteresting stuff, since it appears that he has some social conservatives on board too. He also has some some thoughts on the Romney committee and Senator Allen's speech that he attended. Radio Iowa blog has more on the speeches from the hopefuls. A good general overview of this weekends convention is here .


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