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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Council of Conservative Citizens of St Louis Responds To Conservative Allegations of Kookdum (Breaking Kookdum alert)

Major Update.- As I was typing this entry the St Louis Council of Conservative Citizens has mentioned even my little ole blog in this update. The secret is out Subway Canaries and the Pondering American blogs are actually plants by the Republican Party Establishment. Possibly coming from the Hallowed halls of the RNC Building in Washington DC itself. I better get Karl Rove on my cell phone and ask him where my check is. It is very amusing that he is talking about the political concept of astro turf. More on that at the bottom

It seems that the efforts of the Subway Canaries have been noticed. The St Louis Council of Conservative Citizens blog have taken this Republican Blogger to task in a post called Asylum Break. As I have stated before this group is not a conservative group, they are a extremist group that in reality is trying to use the Republican and Conservative political movement for its it's own designs. This is the Council of Conservative Citizens St Louis main site.In fact, as it is using us its has designs to destroy the Republican party. The St Louis Council of Conservative Citizens is trying to defend itself by playing its usual card. That is you can't trust what they say about us because they are all LIBERALS or worse. Well we shall see.

For the record, I am no liberal. I am a Republican. I also am very pro-life-,anti gun control, very pro Bush, Pro war on terror, and a fiscal conservative. At the same time, as a Christian conservative I reject the hate and koodum. I also believe that by exposing groups as this pseudo Klan like group , that Republicans I admire will not feel the need to go and pander to them in close elections. Their presence in this debate just gives ammo to our political adversaries in the democrat and liberal corner.

Now lets get to their post. They basically make charges that this Republican blogger, Subway Canaries, should be ignored because she has links to neo con sites(insert scary music its the jooos) and quotes a good bit from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The argument is that since the SPLC is liberal in it orientation that all of its info is false and should not be considered. In other words move along there is nothing to see here. Well the problem is there is a ton to see and its ugly. I am quite aware of the battle between the CoCC and Morris Dees of the SPLC. I am under no illusion that Mr.. Dees is a member of the Republican party. However, this group has done some good work in exposing hate. Its their niche in the political debate. What the Council is fearing is that conservative bloggers and groups will start using google and yahoo and start checking what the poverty center is alleging. You will find that much of what they talk about is right on. What the Council fears is that real conservatives and Republicans will start putting them and others under the magnify glass. That is what Subway Canaries, other bloggers , and myself are going to do. In essence the Conservative Right will excise Kookdum from our midst and they fear that.

Oh where to start. This blog itself is a goldmine. However, there is one entry I want to highlight before we get very deep. Its so interesting on so many levels. It gives us a insight into elements of the anti immigration movement, the possible scandels, and the fact that in part this might be a money making scam. Yes I am talking about The Minuteman and other groups that deluge us with their propaganda. Its a delcious insider's view of folks that are associating with the minuteman. I want you to please read their June 20th 2006 post The Decline and Fall of the Minuteman. It appears not all is well in Kookdum. What's ironic is that the money making scam aspect of this is being exposed by the very blogger they are trying to bring down in the Conservative and Gop blogger Subway Canaries entries here . Perhaps the CoCC is mad because they are not getting a cut. We shall follow this development closer here at the Pondering American because it seems that Greed and the almighty dollar is about to triumph over the need to perserve the White race and ship all the illegals(Mexicans) back over the border. Also look at that last line of that entry. What does that mean?

Anywho, lets go and look at their charges against Subway they made here. I suppose they are referencing her post on their unholy and not conservative Council itself. She does reference articles that are linked to the Poverty center as well as the Anti Defamation League(Oh No its the jooows again). However she points out other independent sources. My question to the Council of Council of Conservative (hijack word alert) Citizens of St Louis is what are you denying in any of these reports. What do you object to and what do you accept? I am not going to buy, oh it comes from a leftist site move along nothing to see here defense. Case in point. I did a entry on this the other day. In the above entry I asked my readers to read on your blog there is a mention of Joe McCutcheon. THe SPLC has a entire entry on him here. I took that entry as you can see in my post I went to the original sources. In fact find more disturbing things on this man that heads up the anti immigration forces in Arkansas. This is a man that even tried to deny his connections to you but you talk about him in your June 20th 2006 post as now appearing at you glorious convention last weekend. How come politicos have to deny your very existance when asked about it at times and pretend they don't have a clue.?

What about her allegation of Stormfront. How in the World are you going Baptize that group to make them more mainstream. There is a whole thread at their site talking about how this Hitler loving organization was welcomed with open arms at your National convention and how every one bonded over drinks at the bar and at the pool, and all those wonderful one on one talks that occur. I could fill up countless blog pages talking about that event, the speakers, and how those speakers and partcipants are trying to hijack the conservative movement and destroy the Republican party. You are being exposed. The fact that the council is often the organizer and main body of particpants at some of these anti illegal rallys that the media reports on is about to be exposed. What you are trying to pass off as mainstream America is about to be exposed for what it is. That is Kookdum. There are people of good will on all sides of this immigration debate. But true conservatives and Republicans will deny you a role in this debate masquerading as one of us.

By the way, the Nation magazine has quoted leaders of the CoCC that Representative Tancredo has met with the President of your Organization and other folks over planning sessions on the immigration issue. They say here in part:
Tancredo, of course, has claimed that his anti-immigration stances have "nothing to do with ethnicity or race." Yet his proximity to his white nationalist admirers is closer than he publicly concedes. Perched in the rear of the Dulles Hyatt conference hall sipping a Diet Coke, Gordon Lee Baum, the leader of America's largest white nationalist organization, the Council of Conservative Citizens, told me, "Tancredo's pretty good. We've had him down a few times to meet with us." Though Baum didn't elaborate, another CCC member, California-based anti-immigrant doyenne Barbara Coe, spoke alongside Tancredo at a February 8 rally at the US Capitol in support of the Minutemen.

Now I know that you like to think everything that is reported there is balderdash. Heck , I don't like the Nation's liberals view either. But are they lying? Will you deny or confirm that a meeting or meetings took place? Can you confirm if the comments of your President is correct? Also we would love more details of that meeting? Will you oblige? I mean lets get the record straight since the neo cons are going after you as you claim. The St Louis Council of Conservative Citizens is a pretty big chapter, I think in the whole Council scheme of things. Someone must have Baum's number. I will be looking forward to reading your blog for this clarification.

Oh there is so much more. Take a look at his blog and some of the people he links. There is much there. Just remember when you hear that there are groups protesting against the President Bush's views on immigration to ask these questions. Who is organizing it and who are the main participants. Like this one in South Carolina that turned into a anti Senator Lindsey Graham Rally. There is much to see here. That does not mean every one that feels that thinks Tancredo is right is a racist. Not at all. But it shows that the level of support for Tancredo's approach might be less than it appears among the base.

Major Update. Well slap me silly. As I was typing this the Council of Conservative Citizens (St Louis branch) have just posted a entry about my little ole blog. A few points about his disscussion of astro turf. This is exactly what has been alleged against the the anti immigration movement. It is amusing that he is trying to turn this around. I will quote them anyway even though the Council will object because of its source. The SPLC in 2005 states:
There's a word in Washington for outfits like these anti-immigration organizations — "astroturf," meaning that they lack any genuine grassroots base.
That such groups, with their increasingly direct links to racist organizations, should have real power in the nation's capital may seem hard to believe.
But Americans have grown increasingly xenophobic in the wake of the September terrorist attacks, and the rapid growth of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus that Tancredo heads reflects that — from just 10 legislators prior to the attacks to 59 by May.
What kind of influence do extremists have in this congressional caucus?
Although that is hard to measure, the caucus website now carries a prominent link to an outfit called American Patrol — a racist hate group run by Californian Glenn Spencer.
With a tip of the hat to Tancredo and the other legislators who have helped to provide him legitimacy, Spencer recently deleted from his website the image of a cartoon figure urinating on a Latino Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient.

A leading spokesman even of the Tanton anti immigration groups even admited they were astroturfing at a major shindig they held in Washington DC. I will try to find that link and add it.


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