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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cannon/Jacob Election Night Live Blogging

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Round 1 of the Fight for the GOP Soul


4:30 pm--I am going to put this post up now. I will be trying to cover this race from my little ole computer 2000 miles away. I will try to keep you updated on the race from whatever resources I can find. There will be little to report for several hours. However, for your amusement and education I will be putting up threads from the Free Republic Forum. The Free Republic is a active conservative forum to which I post at times. Be warned the Free Republic is full of Cannon haters and people who think that Tancredo is best thing since sliced bread. But there are a few of us conservatives there that keep up the fight. By looking at these threads one can understand why this race is so nasty. This place will become a suicide watch zone at the end of the night for either side. I expect there will be a live election thread that will be a good source of info as Utah Freepers type in whats happening also. Free Republic threads to which I will also be posting on will stay at the top. Updates will appear below

KSl is a TV station out of Salt Lake. This link will take you to their primary page well they have links to the election results and break down all the races. You can leave comments too. This link will take you directly to where you can the results as they come in to the station.
Talk Radio Stations that are Covering Race that can be Heard on the NET

Free Republic Threads

12:39- Jacob Concedes, Cannon Moves on to General Election (this will be a fun one)
9:02-Cannon/Jacob GOP primary results thread
4:32-House Race Hotline Extra: Utah 03 (Utah GOP Exec. Dir. says good chance Cannon could go down)

4:51 Tom Tancredo: "I will run for President if I can't anybody else to take this [immigration] on"
Good Grief!!!!! Not directly related to election but in reality is.


1:40 am Alleuia Alleuia its over Cannon wins


12:26 Jacob has conceded Cannon goes on to the General election I will post the final numbers on this thread. For fun I will post the Free Republic Thread on Jacob conceding. If you look around there you might see borderbot central go beserk. Good times.
Here is the link to the concession article. FR thread posted above

12.22am-with close to 77 percent reporting
56.43%27,115 Cannon
43.57%20,934 Jacob

I will double check but I think the guy they had go against Cannon two years ago got 42 percent.
So for all that bile and money and junk they threw at Cannon we see they gained maybe 1.5 to 2 percent. hahaha- The sane Republicans should not let these numbers be spinned. Real low out election 10 percent. Which might show that this illegal immigration issue is not as big of a issue than many say it is even among the base that is supposed to want the House bill. More numbers soon

12:02- with almost 60 percent in Cannon- 57.21% 21,083 Jacob-42.79% 15,770

11:47- 50 percent is in and PONDERING AMERICAN election analyist expert calls the race for CANNON. Yeah. Looking at the numbers there is no way that I see Jacob can pull it out. The importance will be the percentage now. As you notice on the Free Republic Thread the Tancredo folks are starting to spin. More on that later. After my smoke break, more real numbers as they come in and analysis

11:43- OK when 50 percent comes in I am going to issue some good news

11:30= Ok these nunbers are coming in quick. It looks good for cannon. Salt Lake is still close but through out the night Cannon has held a 100 vote lead. I am almost ready to call this for Cannon. I suspect local TV is about too in Utah
With 40 percent in
Now I am concerned about these Salt Lake numbers but there seems to be a trend that has kept then just 100 votes apart on the average

11:26- Ok some good numbers coming in stand by

11:10 Cannon still maintaining lead but still barely has a 100 vote lead in Salt Lake will give update when 33 percent is in of the Precicnts

1o:52. Ok this worrys me. The suburb vote is coming from Salt lake- Cannon barely has a 100 vote lead in that County. That is worriesome but its still early
Cannon- 58.27% 6,386 Jacob-41.73% 4,574

1045 - It should be noted that half the precients come from Salt lake County. Only 3 have reported in there out of over 300. Its looking good now but its hard to see what happening till we see that more urban area come in

10:41- WOw big numbers in 80 out of 623 repoerting. It appears that Cannon is doing well in rural areas from the areas I see coming in
Cannon-59.8% 4,946 Jacob- 40.2% 3,325

10:35- Ok we are getting them in faster now- (20/623) 58.23% 2,207 Cannon 41.77% 1,583-Jacobs

10:25- (07/623) 55.93% 1,765-Cannon 44.07% 1,391-Jacobs

10:15 Good heavens are they counting these numbers with a Abacuc

10:05 With 7 precients in 56.91% 1,585 -Cannon 43.09%1,200-Jacobs

9:59 CENTRAL0.64%4 out of 623 in 55.9% 1,350 Cannon44.1% 1,065 Jacobs

9:45- New Numbers starting to come in be patient dial up sucks

9:27 Returns are coming in real slow. They come in much faster in Louisiana lol. I chalk that up to the new system. I think these are absentee we are seeing For your info this district is 7 counties, with Salt Lake and Utah having the most precincts. I find this to be a very low absente if that is what we are looking at
55.5%1,266 Cannon
44.5%1,015 Jacob

These numbers are reported to be from Utah County where Jacobs was running the strongest. This might be a early good sign

9:02Central- I am putting the Free Republic live thread up now. Those despite that anti immigrant retoric are good sources for info
9:00Central- Polls are closed It has been decided now to wait the outcome
8:00Central- One Hour till polls close. Time to pray for flat tires for the Jacob yet to get to the poll voters and assistance getting Cannon folks there/
7:48Central -As you might know today Utah is trying all the new Electronic voting machines. This blogger at the Salt Lake City paper has a humerous look at how maybe all the kinks are out of the election process today
5:15Central -I am gathering from some forums that turnout is low at this point. Thats bad for Cannon. However its only 4:15 there.


Anonymous SallyVee said...

Hey how's the pondering?

Wow, from the description on FR, the Cavuto interview may indicate the beginning of Tancredo's meltdown. He seems less and less able to keep the lid on. I will set my TIVO to record Cavuto later tonight so I can watch for myself.

I caught a bit of Tancredo on Fox & Friends this a.m. Heard him mention Huntington as his mentor, which reminded me to go read up on that guy. I found 2 really interesting reviews of Huntington's book over at Pink Flamingos:

7:26 PM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Huntington went off into some strange stuff. I got some info on him and some revies too I will have to go see what she has up.

I hope Tancredo cracks up in a big way all on national tv?

Hows the pondering--very nervous lol

7:49 PM  
Blogger Harold C. Hutchison said...

58% of precincts in, Cannon holding a 57-43 lead.

The chances of a comprehensive bill passing have improved.

12:04 AM  
Blogger SallyVee said...


Just great news. Thank you Lord!

The spinning will be fun tomorrow, will fit right in with the tropical storm warning. Wonder how Rush will manage to prop it up without his... you know ; )

Sorry Rush. But you deserve that for taking a detour to Kook Land.

12:15 AM  
Blogger SallyVee said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:15 AM  
Blogger SallyVee said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:15 AM  
Blogger SallyVee said...

Sorry! Your thingy kept commanding me to login and publish so I kept clicking until my finger cramped.

12:17 AM  
Blogger SallyVee said...

Thanks for the great party PA. You are a wonderful and attentive host.

There are some hilarious comments over at FR. The Tancredo guys are reaching back to the Civl and Revolutionary wars for comfort LOL.

The guys in our camp are making a lot of sense and also hitting the Buchanans pretty hard, which they deserve.

Maybe an epidemic of embarrassment will break out and help motivate the House to get to work... ya think? Actually, the House needs to cut and run from Tommy, and quick. He's the perfect scapegoat.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Pondering American said...

Thank Harold and sallyvee for visitng.

LOL , I was posting over there for a bit. On the live thread it got hilarious at the end because of one of the history of the posters that always claiming to work for folks and back losing canidites.

OH the spin , will be bad tomorrow by Bay and her Brother PAt. What a bad way to start off a Tancredo exploratory committee

1:54 AM  
Blogger SallyVee said...

Can't resist:

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug...

-Mary Chapin Carpenter

Nighty night.

2:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

8:58 PM  

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