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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Cannon Win and Our Come to Jesus Meeting

It was nice to wake up this morning, after the Cannon victory last night. Of course it is important to keep that victory in its proper place. A victory in a battle was achieved last night, but the War is far from won. Nethertheless; it is important for us to feel good. In fact it is essential we feel good about this victory. We must all have a moment when we know we are not part of some political Pickett's charge or just attacking windmills. It is also important for us to exploit it or it will be for naught. BTW , the spinning is happening fast and furious.

For my friends on the other side that view last nights events with distress. I saw this posted last night and it is so true. I know, I have been through these stages myself.

(1)We can still win this!
(2)We lost but in reality we won!
(3)We only lost because of the stupid voters!
(4)We only lost because of our stupid campaign manager!
(5)We lost because we're losers
. ( I would reword to We lost because We just plain lost)

This morning, I thought I was going to have a grand ole time tonight sticking it to individuals that have really gotten under my skin the past year. Trust me it has been a hard one. It has not been easy being called a Bushbot, a open borders troll, spineless, a sellout, a coddler of criminals, a rino, etc, etc. I have even had my Religious Creed slandered. From the days of the Gang of 14 to the Dubai port deal especially, it just seems like an asylum in my beloved Republican party. However , I am not going to attack the spin tonight by individual bloggers. I will engage it if it continues. But tonight lets have a come to Jesus meeting on immigration and other matters that must be dealt with.

Last night in the one of the most conservative states in the union in one of the most conservative districts there was a race. It was Republicans battling it out and it was the focus of all those that follow this immigration debate 24/7. We all knew what was at stake. As I said here the night before the election, if Cannon lost there was no way I could spin that reality. Rep Cannon has had a bulls eye on his head for for over 4 years. He has been targeted by the the Tancredo crowd nonstop. When they lost last time the bile against him started the day after the election. Cannon had everything thrown at him but the kitchen sink this time. The result of all that bile and destructive behavior was a increase of 2 percentage points for yall. That's it. I hear alot about the conservative "base" out there. Well, I can't think of much more places that are more conservative than good ole Mormon Utah.

I know it and you know it, that this race was going to be a sort of referendum on this immigration issue. It was the Bush view vs Tancredo view. Best of all this was a Republican primary. This debate was just among us. The thing with referendums is if you call one up you got to live with the results. Cannon won. Not only that but this is the second time he has won on this issue. One of the guys at the Corner had this say after receiving a quite a few emails this morning:

Advice to Restrictionists [John Podhoretz]
Look, if you want to be serious, you want to win elections, you want to move the debate in your direction substantively, STOP THE WHINING. I've been getting kvetchy e-mails all morning from people who seem to think it's just no fair that Chris Cannon won the primary in Utah. After all, they agree with that Jacob guy and he lost and they didn't want him to and so something went bad and it's dirty pool and WAAAAH.
This is Loserville, guys. So is claiming that a defeat is a victory, which is the other theme in my many e-mails. Grow up. This is politics. Lesson One: Not everybody agrees with you, and not everybody who disagrees with you is evil, and a lot of the time you don't get your way. Try being a conservative in Manhattan or Brooklyn or D.C. or Hyde Park in Chicago (to name every single place I've voted since I attained my majority) if you want to know what that's like. Posted at
11:35 AM

Lets face it folks this race happened in the most Republican Area(Utah County) of the most Republican State in the union.

So this is my plea. Lets start talking again on this issue. Lets compromise and try to come to a solution. Believe it or not we are really not for "open borders" where just the whole world can walk in. We also have concerns about security, crime, assimilation of immigrants. I know there are forces that have told you we don't but we really do. Our concerns are these besides the security concerns we both share. That is we treat everyone here with dignity and realize that not every illegal alien is a invader or a criminal on par with a bank robber. Its time to drop the talking points and get real. In the end do we really want to deport the 20 year old back to Mexico that has been here since he was 2. If an illegal has been peacefully living here for 20 years and has an American spouse and American kids do we really want to deport all similar cases without exception? I think you get my drift. It sort of hard for us that are Pro-Life and Pro-Family in this party to talk with credibility if we are breaking up millions of families without exception. Law tempered with Justice and Mercy.

We can compromise on this issue. If you want to see it from just pure political terms can we compromise on this before we piss away the entire Latino vote. I love this party and really don't want to go the way of Whigs. Didn't these voters in Utah send us that message last night?

There is one other issue. Its time we Republicans and Conservatives stop the bitching at each other. People are sick of it. ,and guess what those voters in Utah were very sick of it too. They had a ten percent turnout. You know why? Well it because most people are not like you and me. They don't read political blogs and don't talk about Sean Hannity and what that SOB said on Chris Matthews last night .Most people keep informed but don't jump into it like we do. But every two years they start to pay attention and go do their patrotic duty. But this year, after being assaulted non stop by the bile many had one reaction. That is, "Yall are all nuts, forget it and a pox on both your houses I am staying home!!! In Salt Lake County last night only 7 percent got out and voted. 7 Percent !!By the way, I don't think that was so much to the two individuals running that race. In the corner post above, how many of those angry letters came from the citizens of the 3rd Congressional District of Utah? I bet the answer is close to ZERO. You see we sort of imposed on those poor people in that Utah District. We decided to have our family fight right there in the suburbs of Salt Lake City and areas South and East of there. All this national bile of Jorge Bush, rino, t raitor, and race tinged rethoric hit them non stop. The result was 90 percent of voters stayed home. In other words , we have got to stop this and quick. Despite the political consequences, we have got 18 year old kids getting blown up in the WOT. Maybe just maybe, we should think if this political debate honors that ultimate contribution. Does that mean we can't disagree. Of course not. But the name calling and the lies have got to stop.

Step 1- We need to stop calling people with impeccable conservative credentials such as Sen BrownBack, Sen Graham, Sen Martinez, and Gov Huckabee RINOS. Please, its insulting and also remember some of us worked hard to elect these people and believe in them. The term RINO can not be applied to every politician that doesn't on immediate command lie down and roll over like a dog. The term RINO used to apply to people like certain Senators who when asked said they were not going to vote for President Bush in 2004. Now its applied to people like Mike Pence. Its insane and false

Step 2- We need to start governing. Not everything in this world needs to be a bloodfight. I fully expect to see the supposed "conservative" media and others in the echo chamber to demand a floor fight over the temperature of the thermostat in the House chamber. I remember one reason, I so hated Clinton was that he exhausted me. His antics were always in my face it seems. Folk's I am getting exhausted and I love the GOP. If I am getting exhausted ,God knows what the masses feel. Does this mean we dont fight on principle.? Of course not. But we are fighting over some stupid BS. I think I know why thats happening. I think good conservative are being used. I will get into that another day. But this where I am starting to look and asking questions. Especially, since I have started noticing how info is flowing to us. But again that's later.

Step 3- We have got to purge the evil and filth we are associating with in our movement. There are some nasty folks around this immigration debate. The ends can't justify the means. I don't go for instance to racist Council of Conservative Citizen meetings and ask their help in the Pro-Life cause. Evil or at least very misguided folks do not assist us in the end. You can support the House Bill all you want , but there are some people involved in this that are well, suspect. Lets just be careful . I don't want to look up 4 months from now or in 08 and see the whole nation yell at us "Yall are nuts I am staying home!!!


Blogger Blue State Republican said...

Amen, brother!


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Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.

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