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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Being Sick In The Summer

Being sick during the summer pretty much sucks. Sorry for the lack of postings today. However go to A Pink Flamingo blog where she is again examnes the nasty connections related to this immigration debate. If I was over the age of 50 I would be concerned. So go here to learn

I noticed something interesting at Huckabee for President 2008 blog It seems Huckabee has hired a major person to direct his efforts in IOWA. Go here for the details. I think Senator Brownback better get busy. More on him tomorrow as I post a blog that is following his efforts.

A pretty good discussion of the whole concept of Amnesty(Cue dark music and hide the women and children) is discussed by one blogger I will be introducing on my blogroll tomorrow here .Its nice to see a rational discussion of it.

Whew I am already exhausted. Darn summer time bug. This is what I plan to do tomorrow. I have thought a lot about how to tackle this immigration issue on this blog. It will not be the sole issue I talk about but I hope to keep people informed on it. There has been something that has been bothering me as to this issue. That is the anti Catholic bile that other Bloggers and myself have encountered in this debate. To say the very least I am getting pretty tired of it. However I think this might be because of honest misconceptions by some people. For others they just hate the Church and no matter what people say it will continue. I think there has been a simplification on both sides of this debate of what the Church teaches. Tomorrow I hope to give an overview of the Christian teaching on this issue so Catholics as well as other Christians can make an informed political choice . Also four more bloggers to my blogroll will be introduced.


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